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Pooch in need of “furst” aid?

Posted by Bil-Jac on Apr 13, 2017 11:37:04 AM

Basic First Aid for Ten Top Pet Injuries

No matter how much we do to protect our fur babies, they are bound to get into some trouble at some point. Maybe on a walk. Maybe while playing in the yard. Or maybe by eating something they shouldn’t have in the house or garage. Whatever the reason, pet injuries can be a frightening experience both for your pet and for you. Being prepared to provide basic first aid to your pet can help you stabilize the situation and be able to take your dog to the vet for medical care!

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Posted by Bil-Jac on Apr 13, 2017 11:36:48 AM

Dog-friendly workplaces are friendlier to workers, too.

Bringing your dog to the office a couple of days a week is an idea worth considering. Here’s why.

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Video: 14 Ways Your Dog Says "I Love You"

Posted by Bil-Jac on Mar 15, 2017 10:18:03 AM

Does your pup do all 14?

At Bil-Jac, we know your dogs are part of your families. Watch the video to learn all of the little things your furry best friend does to show how much they care about you:

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Video: 5 Things Dogs Can Sense

Posted by Bil-Jac on Mar 14, 2017 10:06:17 AM

Have you heard that dogs have a sixth sense? Sure, our furry best friends have keen hearing and eyesight, but their senses go way beyond that.

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The sure cure for spring fever.

Posted by Bil-Jac on Mar 9, 2017 3:12:47 PM

Top 10 spring activities for you and your dog.

Humans aren’t the only animals that get spring fever. With crocuses cropping up and days growing longer, your dog is probably raring to go right about now. If you’re wondering about what to do with all your (and your dog’s) newfound energy, here are our top 10 ways to enjoy the spring with your dog.

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Picking the Perfect Pup

Posted by Bil-Jac on Mar 9, 2017 3:11:57 PM

6 ways to choose the right puppy for you and your family.

Bringing home a puppy is a major decision. Puppies bring tons of joy, love and excitement into our homes. But they also mean more responsibility for all family members and an initial disruption of the rules and routines. So it’s important that your family is ready to adapt to all a new puppy requires.

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Fur babies need sitters, too.

Posted by Bil-Jac on Mar 9, 2017 3:10:05 PM

Top tips for choosing the right pet sitter.

Every pet owner has those moments when they cannot be with their pup. Schedules, commitments and responsibilities all play a part in our everyday lives. And when those times arise, it is nice to know our dog has someone they can be with to help when we are not there. It’s a good time to examine some tips for making sure you get the right pet sitter for you.

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How to have a fur-ever friend.

Posted by Bil-Jac on Feb 14, 2017 4:19:13 PM

7 tips for being a good pet parent.

Anyone can bring home a pet, but there are so many aspects to taking good care of your best friend for life. From feeding your pet well to exercise and playtime… from training to cleaning up after walks … here are our 7 best tips for being a responsible pet parent.

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Pleasing the carnivorous palate.

Posted by Bil-Jac on Feb 14, 2017 4:18:57 PM

How Bil-Jac Adult Select Super Premium Dog Food satisfies and nourishes.

From the ingredients in the recipe to the small-batch cooking method, Bil-Jac Select is different from any other dog food on the market. It’s a super-premium dog food, meaning that it contains high-quality protein and no fillers. It is formulated to help your dog thrive and very gently cooked to create a food that your dog will not only savor, but will actually prefer.

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Celebrating the Love You Have Shared With Us

Posted by Bil-Jac on Feb 9, 2017 2:42:21 PM

At Bil-Jac, we know it is an honor and privilege to be a part of your family every day. We do not take your trust lightly. One of our favorite things about having you as a part of the Bil-Jac Family is hearing from you! Whether it’s a phone call to our Customer Service Team, an email or a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, nothing makes us more proud or makes us smile more than to hear how Bil-Jac is helping your dogs live a long, healthy and active life! We share your notes in the office and with our sales and manufacturing teams. Here are a few of the more recent Love Letters you have sent us, complete with photos.  

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