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10 Facts about Greyhounds

10 Facts about Greyhounds

It’s National Greyhound Adoption month so it’s perfect timing for highlighting this beautiful breed on our Dog Blog with 10 fun and interesting facts. For all of you Greyhound pet parents out there, we know that Greyhounds are gentle and noble creatures with a number of qualities that are unique from other breeds. 

1. General Appearance

 (According to AKC Breed Information)

2. Size

Greyhounds are large breed dogs. Check out the chart below for a male to female weight comparison at a healthy size.



65 to 70 pounds

60 to 65 pounds

As for height, Greyhounds usually range from 27 to 30 inches.

3. Colors

This beautiful breed comes in about 14 different colors with 4 distinct marking types, as recognized by the AKC. Colors range from black, blue, and red to white and variations of 2 or more mixed. Marking types are:

  • Black mask
  • Parti-color
  • Solid
  • Ticked

4. Energy

Greyhounds have a medium energy level, in between their gentle personalities and lightning fast and intense running speed.

5. Coat & Grooming

As you know from their appearance, this breed has a very short coat length so they need to be groomed occasionally. Do note that they may require a more regular brushing routine during the winter season, when their coat grows longer. Greyhounds need their coafor protection from the colder, harsh weather.

6. Origin & History

Carvings of Greyhounds have been found in 4,900 year-old tombs, confirming their ancient origin. Evidence shows that Greyhounds are most likely descendants of the Arabian Sloughi and were first introduced to the West around 900 A.D. when traders from the Middle East brought them to England. With their superb tracking skills and speed, Greyhounds were originally used to hunt deer and wild boar.

7. Personality

Because of their gentle personalities, Greyhounds are great with children. All Greyhound lovers know just how compassionate this breed is.

8. Nutrition & Feeding

As large breed dogs, Greyhounds have special nutritional needs for their unique digestive systems. Learn a few key feeding tips to consider for your large breed here.

9. Exercise

Did you know that Greyhounds are the fastest runners out of all of the breeds of dogs? They are capable of reaching speeds of greater than 40 mph. They make a great jogging or running partner, and also appreciate field tracking activities. When indoors, the Greyhound is very inactive (as long as he's been properly exercised), and could even be considered lazy. Looking for out-of-the-box ways to exercise with your dog? Click here for 5 fun ways including playing sports like soccer and stair-running activities.

10. Breed-Related Health Concerns

Greyhounds are susceptible to bloat, so it is important to know the signs.  In addition, Greyhounds can be sensitive to certain drugs (including anesthetics and insecticides). It’s important for Greyhound pet parents to consider finding a veterinarian that is familiar the breed to best navigate these concerns.

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What is your favorite thing about Greyhounds? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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