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12 Ways Your Dog Shows You Love

12 Ways Your Dog Shows You Love

Parenting a dog may be a lot of work, but as dog lovers, we all know that it’s one of the most rewarding experiences! Bringing home a new dog is truly like gaining another member of our family, and we all want to show our fur babies how much we love them by ensuring they grow from adorable little ones into happy, healthy dogs.

While we may shower our dogs with adoration, how do you know your dog loves you as much as you love her? Discover 12 ways your dog shows unconditional love for you.

They Smile at You

Your dog’s smile is always a welcome sight. When your pup smiles at you, it’s typically a sign that your dog is happy and content. Experts also say a smile from your furry friend is seen as a sign of submissiveness, and your dog showing they would like to appease to you.  

They Wag Their Tail

Dogs use their tails to communicate their emotions. Emotions can range from happiness to annoyance, sadness, and more. As for puppies, they usually start wagging their tail around one to two months of age, initially to communicate with their siblings or mother. Studies have even shown that the direction they wag their tail can indicate their mood. When a dog wags their tails to the right, this is usually when they are feeling happy, confident, or positive – but more importantly, happy to see you!

They Cuddle with You

If your best friend jumps up next to you on the couch or snuggles up next to you in bed, they truly love you! Dogs will only hang near you if they feel completely safe and comfortable by your presence.

They Look at You with Adorable Puppy Dog Eyes

When your dog gives you puppy dog eyes, they are showing their love for you. Studies suggest that this look in your dog’s eyes indicates a release of a hormone, oxytocin, which also occurs when a mom gazes at her newborn infant.

They React Excitedly to You Getting on Their Level

To test just how much your pup loves you, try squatting down, smiling, and calling your furball’s name. If your fur baby runs toward you, especially when you get on the same ground as their cute little legs, she is showing you love, respect, and happiness.

They Try to Play with You

Does your pup ever try to grab your attention by showing you her favorite toy or tugging on your leg when you are sitting on the couch? When our best friends bring us gifts, perhaps a toy or their bone, they are showing their affection toward you through the act of gift giving. If your pup does this, be sure to excitedly say thank you!

They Sleep Next to You

If your dog snuggles up next to you in bed or on the couch and falls asleep, it means she truly feels a sense of safety and security around you.

They Give You a Million Kisses

Dogs tend to lick for many reasons, but it’s typically a sign of affection. In wolf packs, cubs greet their elders by licking them. This behavior is mirrored by dogs and can be shown as a sign of submission to please you. Giving kisses can also quite simply mean they’d like to groom you, which is a gesture dogs give when they are bonded to one another.

They Jump for Joy When You Come Home

When you walk in the door after being away for a few hours, or the entire day, a fur baby with plenty of love for their dog parent will jump for joy, squeal, wag her tail, or smile!

They Trust in You

As your dog grows older, you can start to show your furry friend your trust by giving them more freedom. Find a dog park or a space in your back yard where your best friend doesn’t need to be on a leash. From there, try calling for your dog and see if she listens or and take note of her behavior. If you show your dog some trust, she will sense this and prove to you over time that she’s worthy of your trust!

They Follow You Around

An act of true devotion from your pup is when she follows you around all over the house. Dogs, like people, are social animals who want to be with their pack. When your dog acts like your shadow, she’s showing you that she belongs by your side!

They Sense Your Love in Return

Dogs are very smart animals and can sense a lot of things about you. Not only can they sense if you are feeling sad, happy, or excited, but they can sense when you love them back. Building a special bond with your four-legged family members takes time, but showing your puppy the countless ways you love them right from the start sets you on the right paw for making a furever friend!


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