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14 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

14 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. Let’s talk about all of the little things your dog does to say “I love you”.

1. Looking into your Eyes

Did you know that oxytocin, a hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies, is released when your pup stares into your eyes? When dogs are happy and feeling comfortable with their dog parent, they show you that gaze that confirms their love for you.


2. Leaning on you or Cuddling

Although leaning sometimes means dogs are feeling anxious or they are trying to tell you something, this act also shows affection. Dogs who cuddle with their dog parents, especially after eating their Bil-Jac dog food, are signifying love because besides eating, you are one of the most important things to them.


3. Lifting & Wiggling Eyebrows


As we know, facial expressions are a huge indicator of mood. Studies have shown that humans have just over 20 different facial expressions and dogs have over 100.


4. Acting Very Excited when You Come Home

dog waiting for owner

One of the best feelings we get from our best friends is the way they greet us when we walk through the front door after being gone for a few hours. You know your dogs love you when they cannot contain their excitement, and they can’t stop wagging or jumping for joy!


5. Bringing You His/Her Favorite Toy

dog playing with toy

When your dog brings you their favorite toy, it doesn’t always mean that they want to play. Dogs have basically evolved from wolves and this gesture confirms that your pup views you as his or her pack leader. Offering you his or her favorite toy is a leap of trust and shows just how much they love you.


6. Sleeping in Your Room

dog sleeping in bed

Start paying attention to your dog’s favorite places to sleep around the house. Does your pup like to cuddle on the couch in the living room? Or will you find them in your bed tucked under the sheets? Even if you forbid your best friend from sleeping anywhere but their crate, if you ever do happen to find them sprawled out like a king or queen in your bed, they absolutely love you with their entire heart, so you cannot get too upset.


7. Sleeping Right Next to You

dog sleeping

Similar to cuddling on the couch, when our dogs snuggle up next to us in the evening for a long night’s rest, they show us how much they love us. Not only do our pups help reduce anxiety, but they also make us feel safer, calmer, warm, cozy, and more comfortable.


8. Wagging Their Tail or Smiling at You

dog smiling

Dogs use their tails to communicate their happiness to us. They use their tails as a guide for walking and swimming, as well as a way to communicate when approaching other humans and dogs. According to an article from Animal Planet, "We can't talk to dogs so we don't know if they think about the tail wag and then do it, or if it just occurs due to the neurochemical effects of a certain state of mind," says Lisa Radosta D.V.M. and owner of Florida Veterinary Behavior Service.


9. Following You Around

dog playing with boy

Dogs show their love by following their dog parents around. Dogs love us unconditionally and experts say this behavior is typically seen as a sense of security.


10. Licking Your Face

dog licking woman's face

Dogs lick human faces for a number of reasons but the most common is to show their love because in a wolf pack, cubs greet their elders with this gesture. Licking faces is done by puppies more often than more mature dogs. They want you to know that they are not a threat and they wish to groom or please you!


11. Jumping Up on You

dog jumping on man

Jumping dogs are often unwanted, especially by guests who enter your home. But when your dog jumps on you, they really just want to lick your face and say “I love you”.


12. Staying Close-By When You’re Sick or Sad

dog comforting sad woman

Dogs can sense when we feel sick or sad. Learn 5 things dogs can sense and remember that your pup is always there for you, especially during hard times.


13. A Little Bit of Rough Play

dog playing rough with man

A little bit of roughhousing just shows that our dogs have affection and love for us. Just don’t let their play routine get too rough!


14. They Sense if We Love Them Back

little girl hugging dog

Our best friends can truly feel if we love them or not and when they know we do, they usually love us back even more. We can show them by building a stronger bond with one another and allowing them to participate in their favorite activities with us!  There are very few things that are as special as the love we share with our dogs.

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How does your dog say “I love you”? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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