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3 Things to Consider During National Pet Month

3 Things to Consider During National Pet Month

National Pet Month is the perfect time to make sure you are aware of your furry friend’s needs to ensure you are raising a healthy, happy dog! From exercising daily to feeding your pup a nutritious and well-balanced diet, all aspects of your dog’s life contribute to their overall health and happiness levels.


This month, let’s take a look at three things every pet parent should consider to keep our dogs smiling and wagging those adorable tails!

1. Vet Visits

Did you know that 46% of dog parents only take their best friend to the vet if he or she is visibly sick? Regular check-ups are important because our pets often hide signs of illness. We encourage you to start scheduling your dog’s next visit to the vet every time you go in for an appointment, so that way it’s already on the calendar!

2. A Long Lifetime of Love

Thanks to better pet parenthood care and veterinary assistance, dogs are living longer than ever before. But remember, they need more and more attention as they age so make sure you talk to your vet as your dog grows to make sure you are hitting all of their needs at each lifestage.

Providing your dog with a lifetime of love is a lot of work, but one of the most rewarding experiences. You can start by protecting your dog from everyday items that might be harmful. You can also consider these quick wellness tips to raising a happy and healthy dog.

3. Ensure a Well-Balanced Diet

Lastly, a key nutrition plan is needed for your dog to stay healthy and keep their beautiful furry coat shiny. High-quality protein dog foods are essential to giving dogs the best for their life. The essential amino acids found in meat protein are needed each day to support development, growth, and body cell repair. 

This National Pet Month, take a step back and learn to thoroughly read the label of your dog’s current food. One thing to look for is if your dry dog food uses meals (like chicken meal, lamb meal, etc.) instead of fresher ingredients like real meat. If you’d like to learn more about why our food is different, take a look at the secret recipe.

It’s important to consider well-being tips for your pup year round, but take National Pet Month as a reminder to learn a little more about your family member.

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How do you help your best friend stay happy and healthy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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