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3 Things to Look for in a Dog Sitter

3 Things to Look for in a Dog Sitter

Having a great dog sitter comes with so many benefits for you and your best friend! For instance, instead of having your dog stay somewhere less familiar like a doggie hotel or your friend’s house, your pup will have less anxiety and be happier in the comfort of your own home. When your pup experiences familiar surroundings like their same dog food, same water bowl, favorite toy or chew bone, usual walking path around the block, they will continue to smile and wag those tails. 

Although we love bringing our dogs on trips with us, it’s not always possible to bring them to that out of town wedding or out of state business trip. Since leaving our dogs behind is one of the hardest things, it’s important to find a qualified and professional dog sitter that loves your dog and wants to take great care of him/her the same way you do while you’re away!

While searching for a dog sitter for your dog, consider the following tips to help find someone you can trust with your best friend:

1. Ask friends and family for recommendations or referrals

Whether you are looking for a long-term dog sitter or a sitter for your weekend getaway or week-long vacation, start by asking your family, friends, or veterinarian for recommendations. Sometimes the best way to discover a great fit is by asking those we know and trust in our inner circle. Someone you know will most likely know someone who knows a great dog sitter!

Once you develop a list of potential dog sitters, ask them for references. It’s smart to check up on their experience level and the positive or negative encounters others have had with them.

2. Introduce your pup to prospects to see how he/she reacts

Finding a dog sitter who has a connection with your pup can be a challenging task, depending on a number of factors. But once you introduce your dog to several options, you’ll be able to see who they feel comfortable and happy around. Be sure to consider the type of person your potential new dog sitter is. Not only do you need a responsible dog sitter who you can trust to take good care of your pup and come into your home, but you need someone with an overall love for animals.

3. Consider the level of service you and your best friend will need

While searching for the perfect dog sitter for your dog, consider the services you’ll need. Do you just need someone to let your pup out to do their business a few times a day for a weekend? Or do you need a dog walker for an extended period of time? Chat with your potential dog sitters and ask them what kinds of services they do for others. This way, the sitter, your dog, and yourself will all know what to expect right from the start.

Remember, raising a happy and healthy dog starts with surrounding your pup with others that they feel comfortable around, including your dog sitter.


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What do you look for in the perfect dog sitter? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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