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4 Activities to Keep Your Dog Fit

Couple jogging with dog to keep dog fit

It can be challenging to come up with new and creative ways to keep your dog fit. From busy schedules to changing weather, making sure your best friend gets the exercise he needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated! To help be proactive about your pup’s health, we’ve compiled a fun list of ways to keep your dog active and happy all year long.

Take Your Furry Friend on Walks

This may seem like an obvious tip, but walks are a great way to keep your dog fit and give them some enrichment. When dogs get outside of their routine, they can smell new smells, see new things, and hear new sounds. A change of scenery and a relaxing walk with your favorite fur ball can be rewarding for you as the pet parent, too!

Depending on your dog’s breed, he may need a bit of a longer walk or even more frequent walks to help burn off some energy. As you incorporate daily walks into your routine, you’ll be able to determine how often or what kind of walk your dog favors.

Don’t Forget to Play

Two dogs playing tug of war in a field.

Play is a simple, interactive way to get your dog moving. Finding out what toys your dog likes to play with or games he enjoys can help keep him fit and active. For example, a game of tug or fetch can help him burn some energy, especially when the weather might not be ideal to go outside. Hide the treat games, inside or outside, can also be fun and easy to do.

Scheduling a doggy play date can help your best friend socialize and get some quality exercise in running around with other dogs! If your dog plays well with others, he could especially enjoy a trip to a friend’s place or to the local dog park.

Monitor Your Dog’s Weight

Golden retriver eating out of his bowl on the floor.

Keeping an eye on your dog’s weight is a quick way to be sure he is on track to getting or staying healthy. When he is standing, can you feel his ribs easily? Can you see or feel a slight indent of his hips? If your best buddy is packing on some pounds, it might be time to make some adjustments.

If your dog struggles with weight gain, you may want to cut back a little on his food or try a reduced fat dog food. A combination of reducing the number of calories eaten and making sure you are helping him to burn off more calories through fun activities can give your dog a winning diet all year round.

Try Some Alternative Activities

Dog playing with tennis ball and swimming in lake.

Though going on walks can be a convenient staple in your daily routine together, trying new activities like swimming or hiking can be great to get your dog active in other ways. Swimming can be the perfect summer activity for you and your pup to cool down in the warm heat and enjoy the water! Be safe around water with these tips. Hiking, especially in shaded areas, can be an ideal for spring, summer, or fall, and help give both you and your dog a good cardio workout while bonding with nature and each other.

A backyard obstacle course could make your time outside more fun. There are a few easy agility obstacles you can buy online or DIY at home. If you build one a month, you will quickly have a few new skills your dog can learn while using all that energy he has. You may be surprised by how much your fur baby enjoys trying something new and how quickly he can master the challenge!

Regardless of which activity you plan, daily activity for your best friend has tremendous impact on his health, and is also a boost to yours. To receive more wellness and nutritional tips for your dog, sign up for the Best Friends Club!

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