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4 Proven Reasons Dogs Make us Healthier

4 Proven Reasons Dogs Make us Healthier

Not only do our dogs give us the best companionship we could ask for, but they also provide an array of wellness and health benefits. While we are constantly working to provide a safe home and loving family for our pups to make them feel happy and stay healthy, it turns out that they give back to us effortlessly!

Did you know: Pet parenthood saved a calculated $11.7 billion in U.S. healthcare costs? (Via Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Releases New Economic Study).

What a truly remarkable statistic! This shows that our dogs make a real difference in our mental and physical health. Let’s explore 4 studies with proven statistics where dogs have contributed to making a positive impact!

Dogs - Sometimes Better than Medicine

According to the British Journal of Health (2004), studies have shown that dog parents have lower blood pressure, fewer heart attacks, and lower cholesterol, as well as fewer medical problems overall than those without pets. Aside from less doctor visits, having a dog contributes to decreasing allergy and asthma symptoms, gives social support, and helps boosts positive moods and happiness levels.

Dogs Help Relieve Stress

Time and time again, dogs help relieve stress levels. A study from SUNY Buffalo (2006) took a sample of married couples with dogs who were tasked with different activities. Results showed that the lowest stress levels came from those who were allowed to see their dog before or after the task!

Dogs Help Children Stay Healthier

Many studies, including one by Science Daily, shows that children who grow up with dogs are prone to fewer allergies, fewer sick days, and stronger immune systems. Also, kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) benefit from have a puppy. Playing with dogs helps kids with ADHD release their energy and keeps them calmer.

Dogs Help People Stay Social

A study by Britain’s Warwick University reports that about 40% of people have reported making friends is much easier because they own a dog. Think about it! What dog parent doesn’t like chatting about their pup with another dog lover at the pet store or local park? Our dogs help us get out there and be a lot more social than we would be if we didn’t own a pet.

Whatever activities you and your best friend like to do together, just remember that they lead to your personal wellness! So take a look at your pup and give them an extra kiss on the head or a yummy Bil-Jac treat to show them how much you appreciate them helping to keep you healthy!

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How does your dog help you stay healthier? Share your story with us in the comments!

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