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4 Ways to Give Every Dog His Day!

Dog owner playing with her dog

1. Show a Best Friend You Love Him

Did you know ... approximately 130,000 dogs are abandoned each year? They will be taken into shelters or foster homes (and sometimes left on the streets). But one thing they all have in common is their need for a forever home.

Idea: Why not help your family understand the importance of supporting homeless pets by visiting a local shelter? Instead of birthday presents, ask for dog treats and food this year ... and bring a shelter dog a day of joy through new toys and treats.

2. Have a Party!

Throw a party and invite all your friends and their dogs to a local park or a big backyard for fun and celebration of dogs everywhere. Throw a frisbee, play fetch and run around to show your best friend a great time. Remember to bring his favorite treats along for the celebration. Bonding times are great times for new training skills!

3. Walk a Friend

Do you know an elderly neighbor or a friend who has trouble getting around but has a best friend to take care of? Now is the perfect time to stop in and take a neighbor’s dog for a walk. One caring action can show them both how important they are, and make a big difference in their day.

4. Tweet, Post, Pin & Blog Your Way to Influence!

This month, join us as we exercise our ability to positively influence the way America thinks about their best friends. Share Bil-Jac's positive messages with your friends. Start a message chain on your own. Tag us in your messaging and we'll share the love, too. Together, we can change the way thousands of people think, act and feel about our family dogs ... Not to mention those that need a family.

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