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5 Dog Sitting Solutions

5 Dog Sitting Solutions

For your Summer Travel

Summer is here! Does that mean there’s a trip in your future? Dog lovers want to know that their baby is well taken care of while they are away. Here are five options to explore when you need to find care for your dog when traveling.

1. Keep Them at Home

Dogs are often most comfortable in their home environment. A family member or friend that likes your dog and is willing to stay at your home would be a great option. Being home will help your dog to have the comforts of everyday life, including their backyard, bed, toys, and food. You may want to meet with your friend to review your dog’s general routine and show them what you do in a typical day. Having someone staying with your dog at home also helps ensure your home is secure while you are away.

2. Visit a Friend’s Home

Your dog could also stay at the home of a friend or relative. Try a dry run a week before you leave town to make sure both your pooch and friend are feeling comfortable with these arrangements. You may want to discuss dog proofing the house where your dog will be staying, or talk about limiting the rooms your dog can go into to help keep them safe.


3. Find a Professional Pet Sitter 

Your dog may like to stay at a dog sitter’s home where they can socialize with other pets and be cared for professionally. An internet search will help you find a variety of professional pet sitters near you. Check out reviews beforehand and plan to visit before booking.


4. Pick a Boarding Kennel

Kennels are a helpful traveling solution. They’ll feed and care for your dog while you are away. Again, check with friends for recommendations. Find qualifying boarding services by talking with other dog parents and checking the internet for places near you. Many veterinarians offer this service as well. Check with them to see what you can bring for your dog.


5. Pamper your Pooch at a Dog Resort

Want to give your dog the royal treatment while you’re away? Why not try a dog resort and spa? More popular than ever, resorts can include private suites, gourmet dining, a spa, a gym, and social times together with other dogs. Many resorts and spas even have webcams, so you can watch your pooch 24 hours a day.


Once you choose what option is best for your dog, help them have a good experience by:

  • Asking family and friends for dog care recommendations.
  • If your dog is in a home setting, write down some key details about your dog’s routine. Notes can be especially helpful when questions arise and you’re not reachable.
  • Bring along the food you normally feed to help keep your dog’s digestive system on track.
  • Ask which of your dog’s favorite items you can bring along including a bed, blanket, leash, food bowls, food, treats and a few toys.
  • A vacation for you can be a fun time for your dog as well! Based on what you know about your dog, you can choose the best option for your best friend this summer.


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Do you have other dog sitting solutions? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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