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5 Fun Ways to Exercise with your Dog

5 Fun Ways to Exercise with your Dog

Not only can exercising with our dogs lead to a possible happier and healthier pup, but it also contributes to positive wellness and increased happiness for the pet parent too. Studies continually show that dog parents are more likely to meet daily exercise requirements than people without pets. With Spring in full bloom, start gathering ideas for varying up your dog’s exercise routine!

 You’re used to the normal walking around the block or heading over to the local dog park, but have you considered one of these out-of-the-box ideas?


1. Paddleboarding or Kayaking

Paddleboarding and kayaking with your pup are two great activities for the summer, especially if your dog enjoys the outdoors and loves to get in a quick swim before you set off. Just remember to bring plenty of water and treats out on the lake, ocean, or river for the both of you! And don't forget your pup's life vest. 


2. Rollerblading or Cycling

Rollerblading, roller skating, and biking are great activities to test out. Larger breeds and dogs with high energy levels love running beside you as you cruise down the all-purpose trail at the park. Just be sure to take plenty of breaks for water and rest in the shade if your dog starts panting from running fast.


3. Doga (Doggie Yoga)

Doga is an activity that is becoming more and more popular all over the United States. Lots of yoga studios host “bring your dog day” events. Or local parks and beaches host classes for free on Saturday mornings during the summer. So open your laptop and start searching for events near you. It’ll keep you and pup feeling refreshed, revived, and full of positive energy.


4. Playing Sports (like Soccer)

Our dogs are some of the best athletes out there! From soccer to volleyball, and all of the other sports in between, dogs love games where they get to chase around a ball or flying disk. So grab your friends and their pups and head to the local park for a fun game where everyone can get a great workout in.


5. Stair-Running

Last but not least, head to the closest high school football stadium to run sprints and stairs with your pup. Stair exercises help build great agility and endurance and they’ll whip you both into shape very quickly!

If you are just starting to exercise together or are jumping back in after taking a break, be sure to start slow and not overdo it. When beginning a new activity, try it for 5-10 minutes for the first 5-8 times together. Then, you can start to add 3-5 minutes to your time once you both are doing well at that level. You want to be sure you and your best friend build up some stamina before going all out! Have fun and enjoy staying healthy together!


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How do you like to exercise with your dog? Share with us in the comments!

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