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5 New Year Resolutions To Make With Your Dog

5 New Year Resolutions To Make With Your Dog

It’s Time for a Happy 2016 for You and Your Pup

Have you put thought into your personal new year resolutions yet? What about your pup’s goals? Take some time to make a list of goals to complete with your best friend for 2016. It’s a new year, and a new you!

1. Try a New Activity

We all get into the same old routine day after day. Spicing things up a bit by going new places and finding fun activities around town will help you and your best friend bond! Consider selecting a dog training school to teach your dog tricks, to practice better behavior, or to meet other puppy lovers just like you! Other fun activities include traveling, dog parks, and walking.


2. Food Choice

Your dog’s breed, size, and activity level should all be taken into consideration when choosing the right food. This new year, consider using a measuring cup for each meal so that your pup doesn’t eat too much or too little.

Measure their food, to make sure they’re eating an appropriate diet. If you have ever wondered what makes Bil-Jac so uniquely special, learn about how we make it.


3. Make More Time for Play

Taking the time out of our busy schedules each day is important for our dogs to stay happy and healthy. Take 15 minutes to get outside and throw a frisbee around or go to the dog park more often. Our best friends mean so much to us and if they live a long, happy, and healthy life, that’s what matters most.


4. Don’t Forget to Groom

It’s important to groom your pet regularly, brush their fur, and their teeth. Your best friend deserves to feel clean, healthy, and extra loved by you! Make one of your new year resolutions to help your pup’s hygiene habits improve!


5. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Take this new year to teach your dog more tricks. Mark a day on the calendar each month that you learn a new one! They only take a few training sessions to teach and your dog will appreciate you for the attention and love. In spirit of the holiday season, start with training a “kiss” in 5 simple steps.


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Do you have any fun new year resolutions for your best friend to try? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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