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5 Reasons to Go to a Specialty Pet Store

5 Reasons to Go to a Specialty Pet Store

Why Specialty Pet Stores?

Specialty pet stores offer pet owners everywhere convenience and the expertise that is necessary when it comes to picking out just the right type of food or accessories for their best friend. While some might see them as a luxury, specialty pet stores really are a great resource that you can take advantage of! Keep reading to learn about what you could be sacrificing by not giving yours a second glance.

#1 -  Avoid the runaround.

When you've got a million and one errands to run on Saturday afternoon, don't hurry from store to store hoping to find your Best Friend's favorite Bil-Jac dog food. Instead, stop in at your local specialty pet store and know that they'll have everything from Bil-Jac Puppy Select Formula to Bil-Jac Senior Select Formula! Whew! One less thing to do before dinner with the in-laws!

#2 - A community affair.

It's true what they say. It really does take a village to raise a puppy. You have a great deal of influence on your Best Friend's life. Make your local specialty pet store work for you by tapping into the dog loving community it inherently provides! You have an entire support network behind you if you are willing to use it!

#3 - Rest easy!

It's the little things that make the difference. When you visit a specialty pet store, you can rest assured that you're in the right place. How? Because everything and everyone there is dedicated to the well being of your Best Friend! How's that for customer service?

#4 - Rack up the dough.

Many pet store chains offer a membership and incentives to loyal customers. Often times, these incentives can mean big savings for you and your Best Friend on such favorites as Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats and Bil-Jac Gooberlicious Soft Dog Treats. Your pup is loyal to you ... be loyal to them!

#5 - Super nutrition!

Many specialty pet stores offer a greater variety of products aimed to make your pet healthier, stronger, and happier.

The Bil-Jac difference: When you feed your Best Friend Bil-Jac dog food, you’ll notice softer skin, brighter eyes, increased activity, improved muscle tone – a sign that he’s getting all the vital nutrients he needs. Step inside your own specialty pet store so you can buy small and help your pet live big! 


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