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5 Summer Activities to Do with Your Dog

5 Summer Activities to Do with Your Dog

The summer has flown by in the blink of an eye; but there’s still a few weeks of those warm seasoned days left. Don’t miss out on fun in the sun with your best friend. Whether it’s just you and your pup or you decide to grab a few friends, everyone can enjoy outdoors!

1. Park or Beach

Dog parks and beaches are great ways to enjoy sunny afternoons and allow interaction with other dogs. Find a dog park near you by searching “dog parks near me” in Yahoo! Socializing your best friend with other dogs, especially as a young puppy, can help them become more comfortable around other dogs and people. Dog friendly beaches can be so much fun. Whether you lie in the sand or go for a dip in the water, you and your best friend can enjoy the beach together. Find a dog friendly beach near you via Pet Friendly Travel at http://petfriendlytravel.com/dog_beaches.

2. Pool or Backyard Beach

Cool down your best friend with a sprinkler, doggie pool, or shady spot in the backyard. It’s important to protect your furry friend from over-heating with the hot summer temperatures. For more information check out 4 more tips on our Dog Blog here: http://thedogblog.bil-jac.com/blog/5-tips-for-protecting-your-dog-from-over-heating.

3. Dine Out

Do you ever notice dogs hanging around your favorite restaurant’s outdoor patio on nice summer evenings? You may notice the waiter or waitress even bringing out fresh water for dogs to stay hydrated. There are many different restaurants that have dog-friendly seating outside. Finding the time to go out to dinner is not always the easiest task, especially with our busy schedules; but finding a spot where dogs are welcome, gives you another fun summer activity to try! We suggest calling your favorite restaurant to ask if they allow dogs!

4. Bark in the Park

Baseball teams are always hosting “Bark in the Park” events for you and your best friend! Look up your major/minor league local teams and check out their summer events. Mark down the date on your calendar and plan to attend. Are you (or maybe your best friend) a baseball fan? Bark in the Park is a night for you to bring your best friend up to the stadium to watch a game! Look up your local major/minor league teams and check out their summer events. Just remember, you’ll need to bring proof that your dog is up to date on vaccinations to be admitted.

5. Walking Group

Does walking around the block or local park with your dog seem to be getting old? Maybe you need to change up your normal route, or better yet, start a walking group. You can coordinate schedules with friends or send out fliers in the neighborhood. Whether it’s one or seven days a week, finding others around you is a great way for you and your best friend to make new friends!


Fall and winter will be here before you know it. If you give one of these fun activities a try, you’ll keep your dog smiling! After all, keeping our best friends happy and healthy is best thing we can do for them!


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Have you tried any of these summer activities? Did your dog like them? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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