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5 Tips for Protecting Your Dog from Over-Heating

5 Tips for Protecting Your Dog from Over-Heating

Be Sure to Keep Your Best Friend Cool in the Hot Summer Temps

From hiking in the park to a picnic on the beach, we all love the fun outdoor activities that summer weather brings us, and so do our dogs! But along with the fun in the sun comes some real concern for pets' safety, specifically over-heating. Warning signs can include excessive or loud panting, extreme thirst, vomiting and increased heart rate. 

With our 5 practical warm weather safety tips, you can ensure that your best friend will be happy and healthy all summer long:

1. Respect the Temperature

The summer season allows you and your dog to get outside more often, but it also comes along with increased temperatures. In fact, if your dog’s body temperature reaches 104 degrees or more, they are at extreme risk for heat stroke because dogs only have a limited ability to shed heat – primarily through panting and through their paws. Dogs can’t sweat to shed heat like people can, so it’s important to protect them from too much heat.

2. Never Leave Your Pet Inside of a Hot Vehicle

When temperatures are high and the sun is shining, never leave your dog inside of a vehicle. Even if you’re making a short stop, cracking the windows does not make much of a difference since temperatures in the car increases every few minutes. On an 85-degree day, the temperature inside of a car with cracked windows can reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. Trapping your dog in a hot car puts your best friend at high risk for injury and heat stroke. Next time you run an errand where your dog has to remain in the car, ask yourself this question: do I really need to bring my dog with me? You may want to leave them at home to ensure their safety! 

3. Limit the Length of Walks

While staying active is great for your dog’s health, it’s important that you don’t overwork them on hot summer days. All dogs are different. Be sure to allow your dog to rest in shaded areas during walks, bring water with you, and do not stay in the sun for longer than either of you can handle. Often early morning or late evening walks are more appropriate on hot summer days.

4. Hydrate Often

Provide plenty of water for your best friend. Always be sure to have a fresh bowl of water inside and out, depending on where your dog likes to hangout around the house. If your best friend isn’t drinking enough water, try things like sprinkling fruit or ice into their bowl, changing things up by using a different bowl, buying a pet water fountain, or playing with the garden hose.  

5. Consider a “Summer Cut”

Give your dog a summer style! Keep their fur/hair at about 1 inch to allow the cooling down process to happen more quickly. Depending on the breed, some dogs shed coat on their own, some need a quick trim, and others need that summer shave. Ask your vet or groomer which option is best for your dog. 

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What tips do you have for keeping your dog safe during the summer months? Be sure to share your thoughts below:

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