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6 Ideas for the Dog Days of Summer

Dog playing with child in the summer

The "Dog Days of Summer" are upon us! It's a great time for you and your dog to seek some new and exciting summertime activities. That's why we've compiled our best and most interesting ideas on how to beat the "Dog Days of Summer" with your best friend. Enjoy!

1. Chase the Water ... with a Garden Hose

Why this works: Most dogs are natural born hunters. The water from the hose is impossibile to catch - and brings out the best in your best friend as she tries to snag it.

Bonus: The cool water is a great way to beat the summer heat, but make sure any aggressive behavior remains "at bay" with a few on hand treats to reward obedience training breaks.

2. Explore Your City

Most larger cities host an array of family and dog friendly events — ranging from agility demonstrations to pet exhibits and expos. These are great opportunities to learn about new tips and tricks, and to meet a new friend or two along the way.

Tip: Call first to make sure the event you've selected will allow entry of your best friend!

3. Pamper Day at the Groomer

There is nothing like feeling clean and looking good! For a special treat check into the services that local groomers offer. Schedule your dog for a therapeutic massage or a new "do"! Or try something different during bathtime at home - a special shampoo or an extra-long bath if it's something your dog enjoys.

4. Go Jump in the Lake

There's nothing quite like a swim or a wade in a lake for your best friend. Not only is it a great cooling effect, but it's also one of the most exhilarating and adventurous experiences for a dog! Grab a floatable dog toy, a blanket and an umbrella, and you're both set for the day.

Tip: Make sure you bring lots of fresh water, too, so your best friend doesn't have to drink from the lake itself. Don’t have a lake nearby? Try a backyard kiddie pool. Not quite as adventurous, but still fun!

5. Park, Hike and Climb

If you haven't visited a dog park, maybe this experience could make it to this summer's bucket list! Not only are dog parks a great place for your best friend to show off and try out those new socialization skills, but it’s also a great place to bond together. If you don't have a dog park nearby, why not simply go for a hike together?

6. Get the Wind in Your Hair

Why do dogs love rides in cars and the fresh air that accompanies them? Experts don't really know, but one thing's for sure — it's a favorite activity for most every breed. Consider splurging and rent a convertible for a quick getaway with your best friend.

Tip: Safety first! Visit your local pet specialty store for seat restraints that ensure your best friend is as safe during the ride as he could possibly be!

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