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6 Myths About Your Dog

Image of a dogs face

Myth #1:

"Dogs are Color Blind"

Believe it or not, dogs can see more than just black and white. The color range they see, however, is limited compared to the colors humans see. Dogs see in yellows, blues and purples rather than reds, greens and oranges. So, next time your dog is fetching an orangeball thrown into green grass, he may have a hard time finding it. Remember, he sees both the ball and the grass as yellow!

Myth #2:

"A Warm, Dry Nose Means She has a Fever"

If a dog has a dry or warm nose, it simply means ... well, that she has a dry or warm nose. In fact, a dry nose or a mildly warm nose has nothing to do with the overall health of your dog.

Myth #3:

"A Wagging Tail Always Means Happiness"

For sure, that wagging tail is communicating a strong emotion. In many cases, your best friend is happy, but she could also be trying to communicate other emotions: agitation, fear, anxiety, or even annoyance.

Myth #4:

"1 Year = 7 in Dog Years"

There's actually no exact formula to gauge how much a dog ages in comparison to “people years.” Why? Aging is as individual to your best friend as it is to … well, you! The infamous 7 to 1 ratio is oversimplified according to most experts. Here's a guide that's a little more accurate:

Dog Age Equivalent
Human Age
1 yr 15 yr
2 yr 24 yr
4 yr 32 yr
7 yr 45 yr
10 yr 56 yr
15 yr 76 yr
20 yr 98 yr

Source: PetMD.com

Myth #5:

"Eating Grass Settles Her Tummy"

Why do dogs eat grass? Experts agree that most likely, it's not due to an upset stomach. If it were, all dogs could be "Wolfers" when in the yard - trying to purposely regurgitate what's in their belly in a quest for a settled tummy. In fact, many dogs are simply "Grazers" - enjoying a snack as they spend time in the backyard.

Myth #6:

"Learning About Your Dog's Health & Happiness is Boring"

To most of us, learning how to make our best friends as happy as possible is of the utmost importance - second only to ensuring they're healthy. The Bil-Jac Learning Library has been put together to make learning interactive, interesting and fun! Check it out ... and be in the know. We'll see you there!

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