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7 Best Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

Image of 4 puppies in a cart celebrating National Puppy Day

Who can resist the adorable face and curiosity of a puppy? Whether your 4-legged family member is still a youngster or is now a full-grown dog, we have some suggestions to help you celebrate on National Puppy Day every day.

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1. Invite Your Friends

Don't be shy! Celebrate with neighbors and friends in your local park or backyard with toys and games like tug-of-war and tennis balls to play fetch! Remember to reward your pooch along the way with healthy and much-loved treats!

2. Join A Dog Community

Join a fun, friendly dog community (like Bil-Jac @Facebook) to post pics of your best friend to have the world ooh and ahh over all year round! We love to see what you and your new best friend are up to each month (and you could even win fun prizes along the way).

3. Strike A Pose

Have a picture framed, enlarged or painted to remember those precious puppy moments. It will be a constant reminder of the fleeting magic of puppyness that makes you smile each and every day!

4. Road Trip

Take your best friend to the pet store to wander around and pick out her own toys that she can enjoy for months to come. If she is still a puppy, be sure she has all of her shots before venturing out. Trips like this provide another social interaction to integrate your dog into different situations that will help her grow in confidence.

5. Make Your House A Safe Haven

Do you have toxic plants around your house or growing outside in your garden? Check out what plants you need to remove from your house to keep your new puppy safe in and outside your home Be sure to pick up small items your dog might be interested in that could pose a choking hazard such as pens, small toys, and coins.

6. Teach A New Trick

Impress her other puppy friends by teaching her a new trick. It can be as simple as roll over or dance! Check out some of our training tip videos from Celebrity Trainer Joel Silverman.

7. Help A New Friend In Need

Is it time to add a new buddy to the household? If you already have the number of dogs that is right for your household, consider donating supplies or money to a local shelter in need.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Puppy Month make sure to have fun and be safe. If you are looking for other tips on how to cope with a new puppy, their "teenage times" or ways you could be a better pet parent, check out our learning library for everything you need to know!

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