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7 Dog Nutrition Facts Worth Barking About

7 Dog Nutrition Facts Worth Barking About

#1 - You will likely feed your Best Friend half as much food by volume with a super premium dog food, with the added bonus: Your dog will enjoy better nutrition, superior health. 

#2 - Real chicken organ meat is a great, nutritious source of protein. It’s also the only protein source we use at Bil-Jac. In our opinion, real chicken by-products are a great source for essential amino acids, and at Bil-Jac, our by-products will never contain heads, feet or feathers - just clean, nutritious chicken organ meat.

#3 - During the first year, puppies grow to full size, so feeding them a high quality food is key! Look for small kibble that's easy to chew and digest — and one that can be mixed with water to help wean puppies away from mother's milk.

#4 - Beet pulp is a superior source of fiber that facilitates digestion and contains no sugar. It’s a more expensive source of fiber, but at Bil-Jac we choose only to use the best.

#5 - True food allergies in dogs are very rare. It isn't necessarily an ingredient that causes sensitive or "allergic-type” reactions. How ingredients are processed are likely more important.

#6 - Reduced Fat dog food formulas should be extremely palatable to successfully help your Best Friend achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Selecting a formula that is lower in protein and fat, but still contains fresh protein sources are key. 

#7 - Gluten meal in your Best Friends’ food is used by some manufacturers to boost declared protein — although it doesn’t actually boost your dog’s nutrition. The best source of protein is always real chicken.

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