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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

The winter months are flying by. With a month or two left of rainy and snowy weather, keeping your dog active is key to his/her health. Here are some ideas to get moving as you wait for the first day of Spring at the park.

1. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek with a toy or treat is a great way to stay active. Another game you can play is the ‘Which Hand’ game where you hide a treat in one hand and rotate it then allow your dog to find the treat. These simple games with Bil-Jac treats will keep your dog’s mind and body active!

2. Rotate and add new toys into the mix

By adding more toys or rotating out toys, this creates variety in your dog’s life. It allows your dog to keep busy playing with toys and stay active with either you or by themselves!

3. Tug with rope

This a simple way to keep your dog active! You can use anything to play tug with like rope toys, an old shirt, a bone, and much more. This will allow your dog to use his or her whole body weight to pull with you. Don’t forget to let your dog win some tugs.  Bonus: you get a little work out, too!

4. Puppy playdate

Have your friend’s dogs come over and give your pup a buddy to play with! A little playdate will allow your dog to have active fun with a friend!

5. Create an indoor obstacle course

Create an indoor obstacle course like in the Westminster Dog Show. Give your pup a challenge and give them a treat at the end. This will be fun for you to build and your dog will love it, too.

6. Play fetch

Playing fetch is easy if you have a big enough space. Your dog can fetch anything from balls to socks to favorite toy. Twist on Tradition: add stairs to this activity. It will be a great work out for them.

7. Teach them a new trick or obedience training

Old dogs can be taught new tricks! Incentivizing your pup will allow for them to learn new things like ‘Roll over!’ and ‘High five!’ It will be fun to teach your dog something new and keep he or she active.

8. Massage, pet, and give love! 

Massage and pet your dog to show them how much you love them!  Take a break, slow down and spend some relaxing time together. This will get your dog’s tail wagging and make you happy, too!

Keeping active in these last days of winter weather is key to maintaining good health for you and your dog.


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Do you have any other indoor activities to add? Feel free to comment below!

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