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8 Ways Your Dog Is Telling You He Is Happy

A dog with a shiny coat giving his dog parent a sign he is happy and healthy.

As pet parents, we all want the best for our four-legged family members. Whether it’s surprising our best buds with a new toy, enjoying a long walk with them at your side, or giving him them one of their favorite treats, we love finding ways to make our dogs feel loved! But how do you really know if your dogs are happy and healthy? We’ve pulled together a list of good indicators that will help pet parents know when your furry friends are truly happy and in good health.

Signs of a Happy and Healthy Dog

Their Face

Spend time gazing into your dogs’ eyes, and at their faces in general. Their eyes should be clear and bright with pupils that are the same size. Their nose should be damp, but not too wet, and a little cool. Your dogs’ ears should be odor free and not hot or swollen. Their mouth should also be free of bad odors. If your dogs’ eyes, ears, nose, or mouth seem a little off, a trip to the veterinarian may be in order.

Their Coat

The natural cleanliness and shininess of your dogs’ coat is a clear indicator of good nutrition. Shedding and natural oils will keep a healthy dog’s coat clean, but your furry friends will also benefit from brushing (your dogs’ breed can depend on frequency) as well as a periodic bath for when your dogs may have a little too much fun in the yard!

When examining your dog’s coat, watch for skin irritation. This can be a sign of allergy, flea bites, or a number of dermatological conditions your vet will be best to consult.

Overall, food can play a large supporting role in the healthiness of their coat. A super-premium dog food such as Bil-Jac that’s made with easily digestible nutrients can help nourish your dog’s skin to produce shiny and soft fur.

Their Weight

We never want our poochs’ lifestyle to lead them to an overweight or underweight category. Giving your dogs a well-balanced diet and helping to keep them at the appropriate weight for their age and breed is one of the most responsible actions a pet parent can take.

A good way to gauge whether your best friends are overweight or fit is to view each dog from above. He should have a noticeable indentation at the hips and his ribs that should be easy to feel, but not so easy to see – which could signify he is underweight. Ribs that are covered by too much fat and are harder to see may be a sign of obesity. Feeding a reduced Fat diet, like Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Formula can help him attain a healthy weight.

Their Interest in Playtime

Healthy dogs are always looking for quality time with their pet parents! Your four-legged friends should appear alert and interested in playtime when you engage with them.

Their Appetite

Your dogs’ appetites will be a helpful sign of whether your dog is healthy. If one of your dogs suddenly turns his nose up at his food for at least 48 hours or stops drinking water, he could be experiencing an illness. Your vet can help rule out a physical reason for your dog’s lack of appetite or whether it may be related to taste.

Their Sleep Schedule

Just like us, your furry friends needs their z-z-z’s in order to stay healthy! Most adult dogs will need 12-14 hours of sleep a day, while puppies may require as much as 18 hours a day. Don’t be alarmed unless your dog’s sleep habits change suddenly. This could signify several issues from poor quality diet to an underactive thyroid gland. Either way, you should consult your veterinarian.

Their Walk

Your favorite furballs should have a little pep in their step. When walking your dogs, check to see that they doesn’t limp. You’ll also want to be sure your dogs don’t pant too hard or become worn out too easily during your daily walks. While they may be a little tired after a walk, they should not be exhausted if they are in good health.

Their Stool Quality 

Don’t be afraid to check up on each of your dog’s stool. This can alert you early on of any potential digestive disturbances. Stool should be well-formed, not loose or watery. If one of your dogs is experiencing trouble with his food, a healthy digestion option such as Bil-Jac Sensitive Solutions could be worth a try, or adding digestive support with a spray-on probiotic, like Bil-Jac BreakThru Biotics, can help make a difference to your dog’s digestive health and immune system functions.

How to Keep Your Best Friends Happy Year-Round

The way your dogs look and act can go a long way in telling you how they feel! For more ways to stay up-to-date on your furry friend’s health, nutrition and happiness all year long, join our Best Friends Club today. Each month you’ll receive fun facts and information to care for your four-legged family members and discounts on Bil-Jac products!


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