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8 Ways Your Dog Is Telling You He Is Happy

8 Ways Your Dog Is Telling You He Is Happy

Just like every human being, every dog is more than a pretty face. But how your dog looks and acts can go a long way toward telling you how he feels. So what are some of the signs that your dog is healthy and happy? We’ve pulled together our top eight ways:

  1. Face time.  Spend some quality time gazing into your dog’s eyes—and at his face in general. His eyes should be clear and bright with pupils that are the same size. His nose should be damp, but not too wet, and a little cool. Ears should be odor free and not hot or swollen. His mouth should also be free of bad odors.
  1. Coat like it came from the cleaners. Your pup’s coat should be shiny and clean naturally. A healthy dog’s shedding and oils will keep his coat clean, unless he has had a brush with dirt and needs bathed (which all dogs do). Watch for skin irritation, which can be a sign of an allergy, flea bites, or a number of dermatological conditions and see your vet if needed. If nothing is wrong, your pooch could possibly benefit from a super-premium dog food like Bil-Jac.
  1. Weigh to go! According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, almost 53% of dogs are overweight which is a category you do not want Fido falling into. Neither do you want him to be underweight. So strive to keep your pooch at a healthy weight. A good way to gauge whether your pet is fat or fit is to view your dog from above. He should have a noticeable indentation at the hips and his ribs should easy to feel, but not so easy to see. Ribs that are too visible signify an underweight dog. Ribs that are covered by too much fat and are, therefore, harder to see and feel, are a sign of obesity. If you need a little extra help, check out Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Formula Dog Food and some of our low-calorie treats.
  1. Perky is good! Healthy dogs are always on the lookout for quality time with their pet parents. Your dog should appear alert and interested in playtime.
  1. Chowing down.  A healthy appetite is a sign of a healthy dog. If your dog suddenly turns his nose up at his food for at least 24 hours, he could be experiencing an illness. If the vet rules out a physical reason for your dog’s lack of appetite, try switching up his food with one of Bil-Jac’s Super Premium Dog Food formulas.
  1. Plenty of z-z-z-s. Dogs that are well tend to sleep well. Most adult dogs need 12-14 hours of sleep a day, while pups can require as much as 18 hours a day. But don’t be alarmed unless your dog’s sleep habits change suddenly. This could signify a number of issues from a poor quality diet to an underactive thyroid gland. Either way, you should consult your veterinarian. If the problem is dietary, Bil-Jac can help!
  1. Walk this way. When walking your dog, check to see that he doesn’t limp. And that he seems to walk well, without panting too hard or becoming too worn out. Your dog should be tired after a walk, not exhausted.
  1. Don’t be afraid to check the stool. This can alert you early on to any potential digestive disturbances. Stool should be well-formed, not too loose or watery. Your dog’s food could make a big difference and if they need a little more help look to a digestive health formula like BreakThru Biotics®. Learn more here about how Bil-Jac can make a difference in your dog's digestive health.

A foundation of a healthy dog is his/her food. Stay on top of your dog’s wellness for a happier, healthier relationship.

How does your dog let you know he’s healthy? Share your experience with us!

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