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Bil-Jac Breed of the Month ... The St. Bernard!

Bil-Jac Breed of the Month ... The St. Bernard!

It's April ... the perfect time to honor the intelligent and strong St. Bernard as our Breed of the Month! Why? In honor of National Pet Month.

The St. Bernard, originally believed to be from the Swiss countryside, consists of both short and long hair coats and that can range from a rich brown hue with white speckles to a brown-yellow with white spots.

A little known fact is that the St. Bernard was originally used to locate freezing and helpless travelers during snowstorms. The St. Bernard, though powerful in stature and muscular in build, is incredibly gentle and mild mannered in temperament.

Saint Bernards are friendly and very tolerant of children. They are slow moving, patient, obedient, extremely loyal, eager and willing to please. Be sure to socialize your new St. Bernard very well at a young age with people and other animals. They are highly intelligent and easy to train; however, training should begin early, while the dog is still a manageable size. Teach this dog not to jump on people starting at puppyhood. 


St. Bernard Care Tips:

  • The St. Bernard (both short and long haired) sheds and need regular grooming and brushing.
  • New St. Bernard owners should be aware and prepared for drool – no dry mouths here!
  • Because they are a larger breed, they require daily exercise and may be best fit for country living or in the suburbs with a large yard.
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