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Bil-Jac Celebrating the Love You Have Shared With Us

Bil-Jac Celebrating the Love You Have Shared With Us

At Bil-Jac, we know it is an honor and privilege to be a part of your family every day. We do not take your trust lightly. One of our favorite things about having you as a part of the Bil-Jac Family is hearing from you! Whether it’s a phone call to our Customer Service Team, an email or a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, nothing makes us more proud or makes us smile more than to hear how Bil-Jac is helping your dogs live a long, healthy and active life! We share your notes in the office and with our sales and manufacturing teams. Here are a few of the more recent Love Letters you have sent us, complete with photos.  


1. Sophie & Maggie

“Sadly Sophie became ill and would not eat. We tried several different types of food with no result. We tried your food and she adored it. Wet and dry. She ate your food until her last day with us, which says to me this food is excellent.”

2. Kujoe, Kash-Money, Bear

“...then all of the sudden we took her to the vet for her 6 month check up and she weighed 65lbs (17lbs @8wks)! Her skin started to clear up and now her coat is super shiny and full. The vet was flabbergasted by how well she improved, so I told the vet about Bil-Jac and now she recommends it to the majority of her dog parents!! Now Kujoe is 2 years old and weighs 155lbs with a full shiny and healthy coat.”

3. Jack-Jack & Athena

“After months of hardly eating, the very first night I offered Bil-Jac to my dogs, both of their bowls were completely empty. I was amazed! The Small Breed Mix is perfect for Jack's tender old teeth and Athena's selective eating habits.”

 4. Hershey and Lucy 

”We started our dogs on Bil-Jac about 6 months ago, I noticed her scar was filling in. Her fur has grown in white from the trauma, but the scar is almost gone. She also had really coarse fur, but now it is very soft.”


5. Titus

”...the shape was so easy for him to chew. After he was done eating he came over to me and gave me lots of kisses. It was like he was thanking me telling me ‘this is the one mom and it’s easy to chew.’ It was love at first bite.”


6. Mocha, Skye, Dexter

"Thank you for making such a great quality of dog food in different varieties and sizes of kibble that all my dogs can enjoy. I was buying different types of food until I had my dogs take the Bil-Jac Two Bowl Challenge. My dogs fell in love with this dog food. They now clean their bowls until the last piece is eaten each and every day.”


7. Josie 

“Her coat is richer in color and we believe it's from your food. She is healthy and takes us for a 2 mile walk everyday. Thank you for having such amazing food. You sure saved our Josie.”


Have you sent us a love letter and photo yet? Tell us about your pet’s love for Bil-Jac by submitting a Love Letter or use #BilJacBeliever on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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