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Bil-Jac Love Letter: The Rescue of a Newborn Fawn

Bil-Jac Love Letter: The Rescue of a Newborn Fawn

This is a story of a dramatic rescue of a newborn fawn by Willow, a Great Dane Pitbull Cross in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

A touching story from Chris & James, Willow’s Pet Parents - thanks for sharing it with the Bil-Jac Family. We are so proud of Willow.

Willow and Chris go for a walk in the woods of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania nearly every day. Willow, by the way, is Chris’s Great Dane Pitbull mix. Normally she waits patiently in their driveway while Chris gets her shoes, water, and her leash. This particular day however, when she came out, Willow had disappeared. Chris frantically started to call for her. As Willow was returning to her, she noticed that Willow had what looked like eight legs! Chris watched in quiet awe as Willow approached her and James, supporting a newborn fawn, stumbling beneath her. Placing the baby at their feet, Willow nuzzled and tenderly licked off the amniotic fluids from White Foot, a name given to the newborn buck having one white front hoof. The fawn, apparently feeling he had an adopted new mom, responded with affection. Chris said, “The incident brought tears to my eyes and down my cheeks.”

Unaware of the doe’s fate, Chris left for goat’s milk while her husband was able to move both animals inside their fenced-in yard. He took numerous pictures of their interaction. When Chris returned home, she found that Willow had not left White Foot’s side. Chris and James watched quietly from a distance as the doe approached our driveway looking for her newborn baby. They opened the gate to the fenced enclosure and then separated Willow from White Foot so the mom and baby could reunite. They observed the doe through the windows. The evening was chilly. She was limping slightly but had returned to her baby before feeding time. Although covered by Willow licks, smelling like a dog, she accepted her youngster and they reunited and exited quietly through the gate and into the woods. Subsequent sightings of mom and son showed they had endured the trauma and are enjoying the warmer weather.

This wonderful Bil-Jac Love Letter was brought to us by Chris and James because Willow is the most loving, sensitive, and affectionate dog. With the height of a Great Dane and the muscular body of a Pitbull, her overwhelming personality consumes all who meet her.

“We will never forget the tenderness, pride, and love that day. She misses very little that occurs around her because she is smart, alert, protective, sensitive, and nurturing. Willow is a true Bil-Jac dog, and has proved to me, and to others, that she is all heart."


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