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Bil-Jac Salutes Dog Moms Everywhere

Bil-Jac Salutes Dog Moms Everywhere

Top 10 Wonderful Things Dog Moms Do

Just like human mothers, Dog Moms take care of their fur-babies with every bit as much care, compassion and love. So this Mother’s Day, Bil-Jac salutes Dog Moms for everything they do, every day of the year. Here are the top 10 ways we see Dog Moms giving their babies the care they deserve year after year!


  1. Feed their children well. Good Dog Moms know good nutrition is important—so they feed their babies the best dog food they can find. It’s simple: a healthy dog is a happy dog! And healthy dogs stays more active, enjoying the days to the fullest.
  1. Train them to behave. More than just teaching their dogs a few parlor tricks, the best Dog Moms also train their dogs so that they behave and don’t get into trouble. A dog who knows when to “stay,” “sit,” and “come” is a great point of pride for Mom.
  1. Share photos and swap fur-baby stories at every opportunity. You see them everywhere from Facebook to Instagram to Snap-Chat—and probably in a few wallet photo sleeves as well. Dog Moms just love to share photos of their babies. They love to tell stories about their family.
  1. Purchase waaaaaay too many toys and dog goodies. Dog Moms love to lavish their babies with gifts. Who cares that they only really need one doggie dish? Or a few of tennis balls? Dog Moms buy it all, in every color and every flavor!
  1. Keep their favorite snacks on hand. Every good Dog Mom keeps a stash of doggie treats on hand for when the someone does something good.
  1. Make holidays and birthdays super special days. Every Dog Mom knows that holidays and birthdays are to be celebrated! Whether it’s a Christmas vest or a birthday chew toy, dogs can count on a getting some choice gifts on those special days.
  1. Stay by their sides in sickness and in health. Just as human moms take care of their children, Dog Moms are right there anytime their babies are hurting. And the toughest part is that, unlike human children, fur babies can’t tell us where it hurts. So Dog Moms have to figure out what’s wrong based on their dog’s behavior. (They also rely on their veterinarians for expert advice and make sure to keep those checkup appointments.) Once the malady is figured out, Dog Moms are there with lots of TLC for their ailing babies.
  1. Provide plenty of exercise and play. Dog Moms always leave time in their day to take a walk, play a game, or visit the park. That’s because they know how important play and exercise are to their fur babies. It helps build and maintain healthy bones, keeps their dogs in shape, and reduces the risk of diseases. Besides, it’s just fun.
  1. Protect them from harm. Dog Moms won’t let anything or anyone hurt their babies. They keep potential poisons locked away, watch out for any unsavory animal types in the neighborhood, and always, always keep up with vaccines and other preventive medicines. They also license and tag their pets (some use microchips), never, ever leave them alone in a hot car, and always protect their health by feeding them well.
  1. Provide unconditional love. Whether he has barked all day at nothing, chewed up her designer shoes or peed on the rug … again… Dog Moms love unconditionally. They may scold and try to teach their youngsters a lesson or two, but it’s never in anger, and always tempered with love.

So for all the love you give and the many ways you do it, we at Bil-Jac salute all the Dog Moms out there!

Are you a Dog Mom? Share your favorite fur-baby stories with us!

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