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Celebrating Independence Day, the Right Way

Celebrating Independence Day with your dog
The 4th of July is no holiday for your best friend. With loud parades, firing guns and fireworks your best friend can panic and become severely stressed, in fact more dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year

1. Even if your dog is well behaved and doesn't scare during thunderstorms they can still become very nervous with the commotions that happen on this holiday. Your best friend is not prepared for the sudden booms, flashes and burnt aromas that come with fireworks and parades, these circumstances may trigger their fight instinct. To be safe, avoid bringing your dog to any fireworks display or parade. You'll be doing them a favor leaving them in the comfort of their own home away from all the commotion.

2. If you live near an area where a fireworks display is planned, consider moving your dog for the night to a family or friends home. Becoming stressed in his own home can damage a dog's comfort level and he might begin to associate his own home with the unfamiliar and uncomfortable loud noises that are around him.

3. Don't feel like your best friend is missing out on all the holiday fun ... that's just guilt talking! Your best friend will be happier and safer, in actuality, at home. Instead, come up with other ideas to enjoy the day with your best friend.

4. Before the fireworks go on a hike or long walk with your best friend, that way they'll be tired and completely happy taking it easy at home for the night while you're out enjoying the festivities.

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