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Dog Training Video Tip: Starting the Heel

Dog Training Video Tip: Starting the Heel

It is a great feeling of excitement and satisfaction when our dogs learn new tricks. Whether it is the basics (sit, lay down, stay, off) or the party pleasers (shake hands, rollover, play dead), teaching our best friends is great for both of you.

 Bil-Jac presents training tips with TV Show Host and Professional Animal Trainer, Joel Silverman. In the video below, he is sharing how to walk your dog properly. After using this video as a guide, you and your best friend will have mastered a new behavior, starting the heel.

Joel finds the biggest mistake people make while training their dogs to heel is that they just start walking with the dog. The dog walks in front of them, pulls on them and then the dog is corrected. Does this sound familiar to your experience?

Please watch Joel’s video below, if you find it helpful, there are quick tips to remember! 


In order for you to teach your dog to heel, it all starts with understanding. Your dog must understand if you are going to be walking right or left.

Start the Turn

Next, you’ll start walking in circles with your pup. Try the left turn first and remember to pull your dog back as you cross in front while pronouncing the word “heel” out loud. When your dog accomplishes that step, reward with a Bil-Jac treat and then proceed turning to the right.

The Pivot

After your dog seems comfortable with turning and walking to the left and right, pivot your right foot, baiting your dog with your hand or reward them with a Bil-Jac treat!


Spend a few days continuing the motion from the turn to the pivot, pronouncing the word “heel” and rewarding your pup with a treat each time. Once your best friend seems comfortable, try figure 8’s.

Figure 8’s

The video above demonstrates the motion of the figure 8. Continue these while saying the word “heel” to your dog.

Repetition is Key

Teaching your dog to master this behavior should take about 4-7 days. Be patient and remember to reward good behavior as often as possible.

 Going through training sessions with your dog brings the two of you closer together and helps create a nurturing bond. Remember to let your dog know you are very proud of them; they’ll love the fact that you are so pleased when they practice positive behaviors. That enthusiasm will make them want you to teach them more!

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What’s your dog’s favorite trick? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us below!

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