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Dog Training Video Tip: Stop Your Best Friend From Jumping on Guests

Dog Training Video Tip: Stop Your Best Friend From Jumping on Guests

What a feeling of excitement and satisfaction we get when we teach our dogs a new trick! Whether you teach them how to be better behaved (sit, lay down, stay, off), or how to make your friends smile (shake hands, roll over, give a kiss, play dead), teaching your dog new behaviors can be very helpful and rewarding for both of you. One time or another, we’ve all experienced that annoyance of telling our best friends to get off of our guests.

 Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food presents TV Show Host and Professional Animal Trainer Joel Silverman, sharing how to stop your dog from jumping on guests. After using this video as a guide, your best friend will be even more behaved than they were before!

After watching the video, here are a few important quick tips to remember:

Bad Behavior

Ignoring your dog’s bad behavior of jumping on guests is reinforcing to the animal that they can keep doing this and get away with it.

Leash & Collar

Leash and collar your best friend at the front door when a guest knocks or rings the doorbell. This way, you have control on the situation before opening the door.

Guest Walks In

As the guest walks into the house, tug a little bit on the leash. This way, you are correcting the dog to stay sitting without putting their feet up on the guest. You can say the word “no” at this time.

Reward by Petting

As your dog stays down, ask your guest to kneel down to reward your best friend by petting them for their positive behavior.

Repetition is Key

Repeat these steps for multiple sessions of different guests entering your home. Your dog will get better and better! Next, try taking the leash off, so they just have their collar on at front door.

Last Step

Remove the collar completely so that your guests knock, your dog runs to the door, and they do not jump up on the person! Instead, they sit there smiling and wagging!

Going through training sessions with your dog brings the two of you closer together and helps create that special bond. Remember to let your dog know you are very proud of them; they’ll love the fact that you are so pleased when they practice positive behaviors. That enthusiasm will make them want you to teach them more!

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What’s your dog’s favorite trick? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us below!

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