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Dog Treat Variety Keeps Rewards Interesting

Dogs love treats! Not only are they delicious, but getting a treat from their human parents reinforces that special bond between your dog and you. Whether for training, for rewards or for just a nice way to say, “I love you,” treats are a big part of most dog’s lives.

It’s important to feed a quality treat that is nutritious and that dogs respond to enthusiastically. Part of “keeping it fun and interesting” is providing variety in treats. For that reason, Bil-Jac offers a wide range of flavors, shapes and sizes of treats so you can feed your dog’s favorite brand of treats while also keeping them entertained and engaged with variety.

Equally important is that you feed a dog treat that’s healthy. One of the most important nutrients your dog needs every day is protein. Why is protein so important to a dog? From their sharp teeth to their relatively short digestive systems, dogs evolved as carnivores, aka meat-eaters. In order to thrive, they need the nutrients from animal protein. 

Your dog needs the essential amino acids found in meat protein every day, or he or she can miss the opportunity to develop, grow and repair body cells. So the first ingredients used to make dog treats are a tell-tale indicator if the dog treat is healthy.

But it’s not just ingredients that make a healthy treat. Bil-Jac treats are processed using Bil-Jac's proprietary nutrient protection technology. Bil-Jac starts with more real fresh chicken and chicken liver, which makes these treats so palatable and healthy. They contain no fillers or gluten meals, and have naturally sourced Omega Fatty Acids to help support a healthy skin and coat. 

While many pet parents think hard about the food they choose, they should also consider the quality of the treat they use.   That’s why pet parents love treating with Bil-Jac treats – because they want to feed their best friend the very best.

Choose Bil-Jac treats. Your dog will thank you for it!


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