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Dogs and Dining: Top 5 Patio Etiquette Tips

Dogs and Dining: Top 5 Patio Etiquette Tips

As the weather warms up, we’re all excited to get out and about with our pooches! More restaurant patios are becoming dog-friendly, which means bringing your best friend with you to a patio near you can be a fun activity to share together!

However, it’s likely you and your dog won’t enjoy the patio alone. In order to make it a pleasant experience for you, your dog and other diners, it’s important to keep patio etiquette in mind.

Get Back to Basics

Brush up on your dog’s basic training commands and ensure that she responds well to “sit” and “stay.” You might also want to practice outside so your dog gets used to public distractions. Visit a park and sit on a bench to see how well your dog listens around other people and dogs.

Release Some Energy

Before heading out to the patio, take a walk with your dog or enjoy some play time. Exerting some energy will help your furry friend be more relaxed when other people and dogs are around.

Bring A Doggy Bag

Some places may have water for your dog, others may not. Be prepared with your own water and food, along with a bowl. Bring a favorite toy or two. And don’t forget to reward your pooch for being well-behaved. Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats are a great, tasty option to pack along!

Scope It Out Beforehand

Visit the patio before taking your pooch. Is it busy? Is it loud? How many dogs and people are there? Look for shady spots where your dog can lay down and areas where she won’t be in the way of staff or other passing customers.

Respect Boundaries

Know your dog’s limits. If your dog seems a bit on edge, keep her close to you. It also helps to give your dog just enough leash to sit and lay down without being able to roam around. Respect that others may not want to visit with your dog.

With a little practice and patience, your best friend could end up being a true patio pooch. And if you have other helpful patio tips, please comment below, we would love to hear them. If you’d like to receive more helpful articles or training tips, sign up for the Best Friends Club today!

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