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Dogs with Food Intolerance

Dogs with Food Intolerance

Does your dog have food intolerance or a food sensitivity? Learn more about certain dog food qualities that may help your dog.  

Understanding Food Sensitivities 

Slow-cooked, easy-to-digest proteins

Dogs can have food sensitivities for a variety of reasons. Many pet parents suspect food allergies if their dog is sensitive. However, when Banfield Pet Hospitals recently tracked how many dogs were affected by food allergies over the course of a year, it was surprising low. They determined only 0.2% of dogs were affected by actual food allergies according to their 2018 State of Pet Health Report. It is more likely that dogs who show signs of consistent upset stomach and/or itching may simply be sensitive or have a food intolerance/sensitivity, not necessarily a food allergy.  

At Bil-Jac, we want to focus on making food for dogs that can be easy to digest. It is not just about the ingredients but also how the ingredients are cooked. Most dry dog foods are made using high-temperature and high-pressure processing called extrusion, which may damage key nutrients and make them unavailable for your dog to use. Slow-cooking high-quality chicken and whitefish without high pressure and high temperatures helps protect essential nutrients. Ultimately, this helps protect the essential amino acids and other nutrients to help deliver the nutrition your dog needs. You can see the difference when nutrients are readily available and easily digested. 

Digestive support

A dog food with high-quality ingredients but manufactured for speed may be contribute to sensitivities or food intolerance because your dog may not be able to easily absorb all of the nutrients. A dog food crafted with a high quality ingredients including a special blend of gentle fibers can help support healthy digestion. High quality ingredients that are gently cooked and dried are part of the Bil-Jac difference. 

Immune support 

Dogs with sensitivities can use all the immune support they can get. Special antioxidant nutrients like vitamins C and E help support the immune system. Fresh chicken and whitefish also contain Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acids, which can also help nourish the skin and coat.  

Grain-free options 

Dog food can be grain-free as well. A grain-free dog food removes cereal grains like wheat, brown rice, or barley to ease the burden for dogs with grain sensitivities. Of course, it’s also important that a grain-free option doesn’t sacrifice the added nutritional benefits along with the grain.  

Find the Right Food for Dogs with Sensitivities

Every dog should have the opportunity to enjoy their food without complications. At Bil-Jac, we make our special Sensitive Solutions dog food, for sensitive dogs as well as our Grain Free dog food for canines that can’t stomach grains. For example, Bil-Jac Grain Free dog food uses slow-cooked, fresh chicken (never frozen) and pea starch to ensure that dogs with grain sensitivities still get a nutritious meal that tastes great.  

If you have any questions about how Bil-Jac can help dogs with sensitivities, contact us today to talk to our customer service team. You can also use our store locator to learn where you can Bil-Jac products near you and our Bil-Jac Difference.

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