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Finally, Bil-Jac Solves An Age Old Problem; Dog Parents Rejoice!

Finally, Bil-Jac Solves An Age Old Problem; Dog Parents Rejoice!

NEW Picky No More™ from Bil-Jac Promises to Deliver on One of Dog Parents’ Major Worries

There is no bigger concern for a dog parent than to have a persnickety dog as a best friend.  Outright refusing to eat at all or not eating the expected portion can cause much worry and frustration for people who love their dogs and want to be sure they are eating regularly to stay fit and happy. Oftentimes, picky dog parents go from store to store, from brand to brand trying to find something Fluffy or Max will eat.  If they can’t find something their dog enjoys day in and day out, they sometimes take to doing whatever it takes to get their baby to eat; sprinkling treats on top of the food, sitting on the floor to hand-feed, or even resorting to home cooking each doggy dinner.

Now, all that has changed.  If you have a persnickety pal, we have some good news for you both. Bil-Jac®, a family-owned and operated, leading maker of Super Premium Dog Food and Treats, has created a new dry dog food recipe called Picky No More™.  Bil-Jac set out to do what no other dry dog food has dared to do – create an irresistible, nutritional dog food formula that even the pickiest of dogs will love. 

“At Bil-Jac, we’re committed to solving some of the biggest challenges pet parents have when it comes to food and nutrition,” shares Bob Kelly, President and son of Bill Kelly, the founder of Bil-Jac.  “We’ve heard from a lot of pet parents that picky dogs are something that just fills them with concern and worry.  We know that dogs go crazy over our Bil-Jac Treats because of the delicious taste of the real chicken liver we use to make them.  We’ve used that knowledge to create a nutritious food that brings the delicious liver taste that dogs love right to their food bowl.”

“That’s when Picky No More was born,” Bob explained.  “We wanted people that have picky dogs to know that there is a food out there for them specifically.  We wanted to Bring Excitement Back to Every Meal™ as well as happiness at mealtime for dogs and for the people who love them.  Almost every dry dog food sold, except for Bil-Jac, sprays fat and flavoring on their kibbles to get dogs to eat it. In developing this recipe, we wanted to create a food where outstanding taste met outstanding nutrition without having to add fat and flavor to it.” 

Picky No More has just arrived in PetSmart stores.  Picky No More is made in America by Bil-Jac and comes with a money back guarantee (see the bag for details).  It is available in Small Breed, Medium Breed and Large Breed recipes. 

“We’re excited about early feedback from dog parents who have tried Picky No More and have had success getting their dogs to eat regularly.  Problem solved by Picky No More.  Now dog parents can spend more time enjoying their dogs and not worrying about mealtime.”

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