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Fun Ways to Spend National Best Friends Day with Your Dog

Fun Ways to Spend National Best Friends Day with Your Dog

Your best friend doesn’t always need to stand on two legs. Sure, National Best Friends Day may have been traditionally meant for humans, but there’s no way that you’d let the day go by without spending some time with your most important BFF on the planet.

Friday, June 8 is National Best Friends Day, which is an ideal time to take your favorite furry pal out for a good time. Doing something special for your very special dog who is always thrilled to see you when you come home, listens when you need to talk something out and finds a way to make you smile is a warm way to say thank you for all that unconditional love. Here are some fun ways that you can celebrate this special occasion.

Go to the Park

A park is a classic doggy destination for good reason. It’s a perfect place for your pooch to do all his favorite activities, such as:

  • Running
  • Playing fetch
  • Smelling new things
  • Seeing other dogs

As a good best bud, you’ll be able to pick a park that’s best suited for your dog’s preferences, whether that calls for a relaxing walk by a river or an afternoon of meeting other dogs at the local dog park.

Take a Drive

If your furry friend is a fan of car rides, you could always hit the road for some excitement. National Best Friends Day is a Saturday, which means it’s a great time to kick off a weekend of adventure. There are all sorts of destinations you could choose, from a multi-state sightseeing tour to a day trip to visit a dear relative who lives out of town.

If you can’t spare a weekend, you can find some scenic driving spots for a day of feeling the wind in your hair (or fur). Just make sure that your fluffy copilot is safe and sound during the drive using any one of the many car safety items sold for dogs. As much as your dog may love sticking his head out of the car, try to employ a “no heads outside the window” policy. Not only can your dog’s eyes dry out, it leaves them exposed to any debris that may fly by your car. However, you can still partially open the window so that your furry friend can enjoy all the good sights and smells without any potential problems.

Enjoy Some Fine Cinema

Your local theater may not allow dogs inside, but there are other avenues available for furry film fans. Parks and other organizations will sometimes hold outdoor film nights that are dog-friendly, so you can check any local events calendars to see if something is coming up in your area. You may be able to see Mean Girls on the big screen and finally make “fetch” happen after the movie ends.

If you’d rather stay inside, you can always have a movie night at your home. Is your dog a sports junkie? It’s time for an Air Bud marathon. Crave some drama? Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey will have both of you glued to your seats. There are plenty of great films the two of you can choose for this special day.

Eat Like a Champion

A good dinner gets even better when you dine with your best friend. A visit to a dog-friendly restaurant can lead to good eats and fond memories. Just make sure to brush up on proper patio etiquette tips to make sure that everyone has a good time.

A food-based celebration doesn’t have to involve a fine dining establishment. A lovely meal at home can be a great, relaxing way to enjoy National Best Friends Day. Pizza and wings for you, and Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food for your dog sounds like a tasty menu for a nice shindig. If you’re feeling extra thankful for your furry friend, you can even give him a few extra Original Recipe Dog Treats to celebrate the occasion. Go on, we won’t tell anyone.

Show Your Dog How Much You Appreciate Him

No one knows your best friend better than you. Whether you try one of our suggestions above or have a special day doing all the things he loves to do, the most important part of National Best Friends Day is to show your furball just how much his friendship means to you. Somethings tells us your dog will be thrilled to spend time with you no matter what you have planned.

While National Best Friends Day is June 8th, your friendship with your dog lasts all year round. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do help keep your dog healthy and happy, sign up for the Best Friends Club to receive dog care tips, nutritional information, training tips, Bil-Jac discounts, and more.

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