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Happy "Mutt-er's" Day from Your Dog

Happy "Mutt-er's" Day from Your Dog

Dear Mom,

I don’t know how you do all you do, especially considering that you do it all on only two legs. But I’m glad you are so amazing! You feed me good food, bathe me and clothe me (although I’m not always as into that as you are). You take me to the vet so I stay healthy. You give me yummy treats when I’ve done something good! And you also protect me from some really “ruff” stuff out there in the big wide world.

Remember my first night at home with you? I sure do! I was a little afraid, but you kept me close and made me feel so much better! You had bought me a beautiful (and might I say, plush) bed, but you let me sleep with you for the first few nights until I felt all safe and warm.

And remember how you taught me to roll over, sit, shake paws and beg? I love doing all of those, but beg is my favorite! Why? Because it always gets me a treat!

I also remember and appreciate the fact that you’ve bought me six different leashes, four roly-poly balls, endless chew toys and even my own snuggly blanket! For these gifts, and many more, I am eternally grateful.

But here’s the thing.  

This whole “I love you and I’m going to take care of you” thing works two ways. I was born to be a hero — it’s in my DNA. So, on the night when I barked and bluffed those shadows away on the street … on the day when I heard your heart beating a little faster and I gave your hand a nudge to let you know that I knew … and then there was that time I snuggled up next to you all day long … 

Well, those were the times I was taking care of you. And I was glad to do it. ‘Cause you’re the best Mutt-er in the world, paws down.

Happy Mutt-er’s Day! Love always,



What would your dog thank you for?

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