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Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

53% of adult dogs are overweight or obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Wow! If it’s time for your best friend to get moving, here are six great reasons to get up and go!

Happiness for all.

A no-brainer! He stays happy! Exercise produces endorphins in people and in our best friends .. and those endorphins make us feel better! Happiness is key to anyone's health ... including your best friends!

Stay agile.

Walking keeps our best friends agile and limber, working out muscles each day. 

Healthy digestion.

Walking helps your dog's digestive system. Walks can also aid in relieving constipation - ensuring your best friend's stools are more regular and healthy.

Keep up regular exercise.

According to PetMD, regular walks (and other forms of exercise) can help reduce or eliminate any destructive behavior like chewing, digging or scratching. “Feed the need” with a healthier activity!

Relieve built up energy.

Walks, just like in people, can alleviate extra energy. It helps your pup feel more relaxed and well-worked when it comes time for bed that evening! 

Spend time together.

Spending time with your best friend can be challenging with everything going on in your life. Promoting the bond between you and your pup can be accomplished during daily walks. 


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