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Helping your Puppy Blow Off Steam

Helping your Puppy Blow Off Steam

No matter what the temperature is outside or what season of the year it is, it’s important to find ways to exercise your puppy daily. Puppies have a lot of energy, especially certain breeds like Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers and Dalmatians. Giving puppies activities to do with their energy prevents them from becoming bored and getting into trouble around the house by chewing dangerous household items or eating something they shouldn’t.

From indoor activities and games, to outdoor dog parks, use this handy list of 3 ways to exercise your puppy so that they can grow into a happy and healthy dog, but most importantly, a great member of your family!


1. Take a Walk

Whether you drive to the local park to hike through trails in the woods or grab your puppy’s leash and take them around the block in your neighborhood, two short walks a day is all your dog needs. Just don’t walk them too far! If your little one stops in the middle of the path, you may have to carry them back to your car or home. Here’s a chart that provides an approximate indication for how long and far your puppy can handle walking, depending on their age.

      Age (months)      Walk Time (minutes)
              1                    5
              2                   10
              3                   15
              4                   20
              5                   25
              6                   30
              7                   35
              8                   40
              9                   45
             10                   50
             11                   55
             12                   60


The Kennel Club suggests a ratio of five minutes per month of age, up to two times a day. So once your pup is fully grown, they will be able to handle much longer walks and adventures.


2. Play Fetch

If the weather is nice, get outside and teach your pup how to play fetch! You can use a small tennis ball, a small frisbee, or other toy. Experiment with different items until you find something that your puppy likes. You will be able to tell what they prefer because of that extra wag of the tail and adorable smile! Start by throwing the object and see how they react. Some pups will know what to do right away and others will sit and stare at you. If they are unsure, encourage them with praise in your tone of voice or use training treats to teach them how to chase the item, pick it up, and bring it back to you.


3. Play Indoors

Some indoor activities to do with your puppy include using the stairs for a workout, playing with their indoor toys, playing tug of war, and more! Try running up the stairs once or twice and see if your puppy follows. If they do, encourage and praise them to show them that they are doing what you wanted. As for indoor toys, look for a puzzle toy at your local pet store or teach your puppy how to place all of their toys back in the bin when they are done playing. Some pups are the best cleaner uppers, especially if they are taught this behavior at an early age. Lastly, gently play tug of war with a rope or toy. Your pup will love the feeling of accomplishment when they win this game!


Just remember that your puppy is like a baby, they need lots of rest. Do not overdo it with the exercise! Getting just enough each day will help your pup stimulate their mind mentally and physically grow into a strong and healthy dog.

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What’s your puppy’s favorite kind of exercise? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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