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How Bil-Jac Adult Select Super Premium Dog Food Pleases the Carnivorous Palate

How Bil-Jac Adult Select Super Premium Dog Food Pleases the Carnivorous Palate

From the ingredients in the recipe to the small-batch cooking method, Bil-Jac Select is different from any other dog food on the market. It’s a super-premium dog food, meaning that it contains high-quality protein and no fillers. It is formulated to help your dog thrive and very gently cooked to create a food that your dog will not only savor, but will actually prefer.

Wholesome ingredients.

Bil-Jac Adult Select always starts with fresh meat, sourced ourselves, making it the main ingredient in every bag of dog food we make. In fact, 25 pounds of chicken is used to make a 30-pound bag of Bil-Jac Adult Select. We also include organ meat to supply some of the key amino acids dogs need for good health. We use high-quality beet pulp, a key source of fiber that is also a prebiotic to help support healthy digestion.

In the end, it’s a mouth-watering recipe, carefully crafted to tempt even the choosiest of canine palates.

Slow-cooking in smaller batches.

The combination of high-quality ingredients, a key part of making a healthy diet, and how we gently cook them to help protect the essential nutrients your dog needs daily is what really makes Bil-Jac special. Gentle cooking takes time, which means making Bil-Jac is not a fast process. It’s exactly the opposite of what many dog food companies do when they manufacture large batches at high temperatures. Our method helps to faithfully preserve flavor, aroma and nutrients. Making Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food is a process that’s both science and art, and as is unique to Bil-Jac.

Take the Bil-Jac Two-Bowl Challenge!

We know Bil-Jac is tasty since our dogs tell us every day, as do many dog parents whose best friends eat Bil-Jac. But don’t take our word for it!  We invite you and your dog to take the Bil-Jac Two-Bowl Challenge. Place a little bit  of your dog’s regular food beside a little bit of Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food and see which bowl gets emptied first! We are confident your dog will prefer the difference that our small batch cooking makes!

Submit Your Two Bowl Challenge Video

Does your dog love Bil-Jac? Share your experiences with us! If you have questions about our super premium dog foods, just ask. We’ll be happy to answer you as quickly as we can!

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