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How Bil-Jac® Picky No More® Can Please Your Persnickety Pooch

How Bil-Jac® Picky No More® Can Please Your Persnickety Pooch

When our fur babies turn their noses up at food, it can cause us a lot of stress. We worry about how they will stay healthy. How well they will grow. And above all, how to make them eat. All in all, it can be a frustrating and worrisome experience.

If your veterinarian has ruled out physical reasons for your dog’s lack of appetite, you may just have a persnickety pup. And if so, Bil-Jac has the answer.

Bil-Jac® Picky No More®.

Bil-Jac has been pleasing the palates of dogs for more than 70 years. Our wholesome ingredients and unique, small-batch, slow cooking method results in aromatic, flavorful foods that dogs just love.

Our Picky No More® dog food for finicky eaters takes taste to the next level, with the irresistible taste and outstanding nutrition of real chicken liver. So the same chicken liver that makes dogs go crazy over Bil-Jac Treats can now attract them just as fervently to their dinner bowl!

What’s more, the same small-batch, slow cooking method we use for all Bil-Jac Dry Dog Foods is used to make Picky No More®.  This helps protect key nutrients, flavor and aroma in a way that exists in no other dog food we know of.

Need proof?

Take the Bil-Jac Two-Bowl Challenge. Place a bowl of your dog’s regular food beside a bowl of Bil-Jac Picky No More®. See which one gets devoured first! (Hint: we already know the answer!)

Our guarantee.

All Bil-Jac Dry Dog Foods are made in the USA in family-owned and family-run facilities. Just like they always have been. We guarantee you’ll see the difference when you feed Bil-Jac.

Try Picky No More™ dog food for your persnickety eater and let us know the results below!

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