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How Joint Health Can Help Keep Your Dog Up to Speed

How Joint Health Can Help Keep Your Dog Up to Speed

A dog’s joints are built for activity: running, jumping, romping around. No matter the age of your dog, all that activity can impact your best friend’s joints. Read on to learn what you can do to help support your dog’s joint health.

Everyday Life and Your Dog’s Joints

Like people, dogs have cartilage in their joints. This cartilage covers and protects the joints, allowing your dog to move without discomfort. Like many parts of the body, cartilage can be affected by natural wear and tear.

Your dog may not be able to talk, but there are ways for him to communicate. For example, walking slower or not going up and down stairs are two big indicators that your dog may benefit from joint health support. You may also notice:

  • He rises slowly after sleep
  • He doesn’t jump on the couch or into the car as easily or often as before
  • He won’t run or play as long or as much as in the past

Joint Health in Older Dogs

After years of boundless energy and laps around the yard, your dog may not have that same spring in his step like he did when he was younger. As your furry friend gets older, his joints may not be able to keep up with his need for speed, often slowing him down during normal activities. Many pet parents assume that their dog getting older and slowing down is inevitable, when what this may mean is that your older dog needs some joint health support.

BreakThru Dog Food

How to Approach Joint Support

There are several ways that you can help support your dog’s joint health. Adding products that are specifically formulated to support joint health and immune function, like Bil-Jac BreakThru Joint Health Formula is an excellent first step. BreakThru Joint Health is made with calcium, vitamin D, and protein to help support healthy joint and musculoskeletal functions in your dog. It also contains probiotics to support immune function. Follow the instructions closely and give BreakThru to your dog once a day for best results.

If your dog is overweight, feeding a food with lower fat, such as Bil-Jac Reduced Fat can help your dog slim down and ease the burden on your dog’s joints.

There are many products to help your dog be more comfortable. Supportive bedding, ramps to get into cars, and steps to help your baby get up on a sofa or bed can also ease joint challenges.

Dogs can benefit from joint health support for a variety of reasons. What’s most important is to know that you can do a variety of things to help provide joint support.

BreakThru Joint Health Formula is available at select PetSmart stores.  You’ll find BreakThru Joint Health in the Bil-Jac section next to Bil-Jac Dry and Wet Dog food. Use our store locator to find a store that carries BreakThru near you.

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