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How Reduced Fat Dog Food Can Help Your Pudgy Pooch Avoid Winter Weight Gain

How Reduced Fat Dog Food Can Help Your Pudgy Pooch Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Winter brings more than just colder temperatures and fewer daylight hours. It also ushers in the very real possibility that your dog can put on a few extra pounds. There are several reasons for this. For one, colder weather keeps pets and their parents indoors more, so those outdoor walks become fewer and shorter. And, quite simply, less exercise results in fewer calories burned.

Decreased daylight also can cause natural changes in your dog’s metabolism. According to PetMD, dogs have a “thrifty gene” that causes them to conserve calories and deposit fat in preparation for harsher winter conditions. But unless your dog lives outdoors, he doesn’t need this extra fat. In fact, it could make him rather unhealthy.

So how can we keep our beloved pets from gaining those extra winter pounds?

There are really two basic ways. One is to reduce the amount of food you feed your dog. But this can leave him hungry and not feeling well. Another—and perhaps better—way is to introduce your dog to a reduced fat food during the winter months. A reduced fat dog food can not only decrease or control your dog’s winter weight, but can also help ease pain for dogs with arthritis, as less weight equals less stress on joints.

The Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Advantage

As you consider switching your dog to a reduced fat food, also consider the nutritional advantages of Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Dog Food. Its real chicken flavor is a rarity among reduced fat dog foods. And with 30% less fat than our Adult Select formula, it will help reduce or control your dog’s winter weight. Other healthy ingredients like amino acids and omega fatty acids help maintain a beautiful coat and optimum muscle tone.

Discover Indoor Fun!

To augment your dog’s new diet and keep him physically fit over the winter months, try playing more games indoors. There are plenty of activities that can help keep your pooch in shape, including:

  • Indoor fetch with soft toys.

  • Hide and seek—hide a tasty treat in one hand while your dog tries to sniff it out. Or hide treats under boxes or cups and have him search for them.

  • Stair roll—roll a ball down a set of stairs and have your dog bring it back to you.

  • Tug of war—all dogs love this game, and it can be played anytime, indoors or out!

Continuing to exercise your dog indoors and feeding him a reduced fat dog food: it’s a healthy combination to ward off weight gain during the winter months or all year long!

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Do you have other questions about helping your dog stay fit and trim? Or do you have a dog that eats Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Dog Food? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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