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How to Help Your Dog if He is A Picky Eater

A picky eater dog won’t eat dog food from his bowl.

It can be very stressful for pet parents when our furry friends won’t eat. Maybe your dog was previously a good eater, and suddenly isn’t. Perhaps your dog has always been picky and you’re looking for a solution. If your dog is not eating, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. Here are a few ways you can help your picky eater start eating again.

Tips for Encouraging Your Dog’s Healthy Eating Habits

A picky eater is typically defined as a dog who won’t consume all his food at least once a day. If this is your dog, your best friend could be missing out on many key nutrients he needs to maintain a long and active life. We know pet parents care about the health and nutrition of their fur babies, so if your dog is a little less-than-interested around mealtime, try following these tips.


Feed a High-Quality Dog Food for Picky Eaters

It’s important to find a food your dog likes to eat, and some brands are more palatable than others. Switching food too often, however, can lead to confusion and rejection. Choose a super-premium brand that uses more real chicken or meat ingredients, like Bil-Jac Dog Food, for both outstanding nutrition and delicious taste.

Be Consistent

It’s important that you and your family have the same plan in mind, as well as ground rules regarding your dog’s nutrition. Will you feed dry dog food only, or mix with wet? When and how often will the dog be fed? What works best for your dog’s breed, size, and your lifestyle? Consistency around eating will help mealtime stay positive and allow your dog to develop good eating habits.

Don’t Give Your Dog Table Food

Even if giving your favorite furball table food is tempting, you should resist that urge. Table food is also one of the main culprits behind picky canine eaters. Giving your dog table scraps is a sure way to get him to shun dog food and begin to associate your food with his food. Make sure you keep the two separated to establish clear boundaries.

Table food can also contribute to digestive issues. To get ahead of these types of feeding issues with your dog, remove all people food from his diet and minimize the amount of snacks and treats if your best friend hasn’t eaten a good dinner.

Feed Your Dog on a Schedule

Our four-legged family members need to be fed according to schedule, depending on their age and specific dietary needs. If your dog is developing fussy eating habits, take his food away after it’s been on the floor for half an hour. This may feel heartless, but it will teach your dog to eat when it’s time to eat – a lesson that’s especially important if you are trying to break him from table food.

Go Easy on the Treats

As tasty as Bil-Jac Dog Treats are, it’s important that dog parents try to only use dog treats for training or times when praise is in order. Treats are not the only way to reward your dog for good behavior or to show him you love him. You can show your affection by giving your dog a belly scratch, cuddling, and playing.

Rule Out Medical Problems

Is a lack of interest in food the only recent change in your dog? Health conditions, such as dental disease, can cause your dog to lose his appetite and can make eating uncomfortable. Before treating your dog like a picky pooch, be sure he isn’t suffering from an underlying condition that could make it hard for him to eat.

Try a Pre-meal Walk

Staying active with your dog is not only good for his overall well-being, it can also help him work up a healthy appetite! Before mealtime, try exercising with your dog. Burning some energy may have him ready to refuel!

Give Your Dog Some Alone Time While He Eats

You can unknowingly distract your dog during mealtime. Try walking away the next time you present your pooch with his dog bowl so he can devote his attention to his meal.


Bil-Jac Picky No More: Dog Food for Picky Eaters

At Bil-Jac, we know it’s important to make dog food that tastes good and is good for them. The more your dog loves his food, the more likely he is to benefit from the important nutrition he needs each day.

That’s why we have specifically formulated Bil-Jac Picky No More, a dog food designed for picky eaters that’s available for large breed, medium breed, and small breed dogs. Picky No More takes great taste to a whole new level by adding chicken liver to the recipe, providing irresistible taste and outstanding nutrition.  Even the pickiest pooch will be pleased! And when your dog is happy, that makes you happy, too.


Supporting your furry friend’s nutrition is key to him living a healthy and happy life! For more nutritional tips, informative articles, and discounts on Bil-Jac Products, sign up for the Best Friends Club.

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