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Impress Your Guests: 6 Amazing Holiday Party Tricks for your Dog

Impress Your Guests: 6 Amazing Holiday Party Tricks for your Dog

Let's Get the Party Started!

December is full of holiday gatherings and what better way to impress your family and friends than teaching your pup these fun party tricks?


1. Speak

Want your best friend to join the conversation? Train him to speak to impress your party guests!

2. Spin

Teach your dog to spin quickly on his hind legs in one direction.

3. Wave

One lift of the paw and your guests will think you've trained a genius! Teach your pup to wave to your guests on command.

4. Kiss

Everyone needs to feel loved, and what better way than with a kiss? It's instant joy for everyone!

5. Balance a Ball

Once you've mastered sit and stay, teaching your dog to balance a ball on his nose will entertain and excite your friends.

6. Take a Bow

After he has completed all of his party tricks, there's no better way to exit than by taking a bow. Watch our video to train him now!

 Find these tricks and more on YouTube.com/BilJacDogs and get your party started (with your best friend of course)!

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What's your pup's favorite trick? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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