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Is Your Dog Green ... with Nervousness?

Is your dog the color green? Learn more about your dog with Joel Silverman

According to celebrity dog trainer and pet expert Joel Silverman, one of the biggest misconceptions we have about our four legged family members is the thinking that we can or should treat all dogs universally the same. To do so, however, doesn't take into account the animal’s personality. By taking the time to get to know your dog - and understand what type of dog they are at their core - we can better train and live with their distinct personality, as opposed to a one size fits all mentality.

Joel, through his multitude of experience and practice, believes that Green Dogs can come in any size, shape, and color, but believes that the majority of Green Dogs fall in the smaller category. Small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pekinese, Yorkies, Maltese, and other small dogs, have a tendency to have some sort of fear.

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Some of the other characteristics of a Green Dog, aside from having the tendency to be afraid, might also be the fact that they are just slower moving dogs, too. If your best friend has some sort of shyness or fear, there is a good possibility that it could have been caused by a variety of things from the past. The most common causes are improperly being cared for, abused, poorly trained, or exposure to things that have scared him or her.

Green Dogs need extra patience and trust when training. The right training treats - ones that are good tasting, small in size, and good for them - will help a great deal in building comfort, confidence and trust. But don't loose heart! The great news is that Green Dogs typically DO change colors as they progress - and will move towards the center of the color spectrum.

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