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Mellow Yellow? Knowing How to Train, Treat, and Love Your Laid-Back Dog

Training tips for yellow color dog breed from Joel Silverman.

In our 3rd installment of Joel Silverman’s dog training book, "What Color is Your Dog?” we focus on the Yellow personality. While some dogs naturally have Yellow personalities, others become Yellow due to the training they’ve received — and even due to the trainer they’ve worked with.

The distinguishing behavioral characteristic of the Yellow personality is, frankly put, laid back. This gentle friend lacks the extreme characteristics we find in both Green and Red breeds - they're not shy, and they’re certainly not out of control, either. This mellow personality makes this type of Best Friend much easier (and much more fun) to train from the onset.

The Yellow personality type also has a disposition that can change once a relationship is established. In fact, you’ll find that this loyal Best Friend will often change his/her personality and attitude to match yours! That’s great news, because in training there are things that you can do to actually raise the energy level, as needed. At the same time, Yellow dogs can easily be calmed down when needed. In essence, Yellow dogs will look to you for guidance and motivation.

The great news is that your dog can change colors over time, and ideally, your Best Friend will continue to move towards the center of the personality color spectrum.

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