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(More) New Year Resolutions for Your Dog

(More) New Year Resolutions for Your Dog

Let’s Make This a Happy & Healthy 2016

You may have already explored 5 new year resolution ideas for this year on our recent Dog Blog post. New activities and teaching your dog new tricks are important resolutions to help with your dog’s happiness and health!

 Why not resolve to make some “play dates” with your pup?  If your schedule tends to fill in quickly, jot a few times a month for you and your dog to spend together.  By marking in a few dates and times on the calendar throughout the year, you’ll be more likely to have some special time together.

And to help get you started, here are some monthly suggestions for you to try with your dogs.


Depending on where you live, if it’s colder outside, you’ll probably want to stay indoors. It’s a great time to spend doing some training – either learning new tricks or polishing up some old ones.  You could start with a simple to teach and easy to learn command: sittingTeach your dog how to sit in 7 quick steps. Remember, practice makes perfect! If your pup knows how to sit already, try teaching to shake or stayBe sure to keep practicing!


Does your dog have a special friend they love to see and play with occasionally?  Have your pup celebrate Valentine’s Day this month by setting up a few play dates with a dog friend!  This could be a great indoor idea if the weather is still not cooperating, as long as you have room for your pup and friend to romp around the house.

Be sure to have plenty of toys to play with and Bil-Jac treats available for good dog behavior.


Are you both starting to get a little Spring Fever?  Take advantage of a beautiful day this month and take a walk in your neighborhood or at a nearby park, just the two of you.  There’s nothing like getting a little exercise and breathing in that warm Spring air together.


We’ve all heard the saying, April showers bring May flowers. Looking for a fun activity to do with your pup on a rainy day? Dogs need mental and physical stimulation daily to keep them happy and healthy. Buy a few new toys and have them on-hand for those indoor days.  Play fetch!  Try one of those treat puzzles and see just how smart your dogs are when they get all of their Bil-Jac Treats out in a flash.


With May flowers in full bloom, get outside and enjoy the sun!   Call a dog-friend or two and head to your local park for a hike in the wilderness. Trust us, your best friend will be wagging their tail and smiling from ear to ear the entire time! Not only does walking your dog daily come with a variety of health benefits for them, but it can help you exercise more too.


Sign up for a dog friendly event and see your dog’s personality shine.  Try a dog walk to get both exercise and help a worthy cause.  Does your dog like to dress-up?  Then a costume event could be right for you.  There are even owner-dog look-alike contests.  If you are a sure twin of your pup, show off your stuff!  Investigate what dog events are going on in your area this month.


The 4th of July is no holiday for your best friend. With loud parades, firing guns and fireworks your best friend can panic and become severely stressed, in fact more dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year! Keep your pup safe this month by focusing on other fun activities and keep your pup away from the loud booms.


Enjoy the dog days of summer with a dog “wash.”  That’s right, get out the sprinkler and/or a kiddie pool and cool off the old fashioned way via lying around or jumping through the water.    Be sure your dog is always supervised around water. Soaping up is optional, but everyone will have fun splashing around and keeping it cool.


With the kids going back to school, treat your best friend to more learning with another training session! This one is definitely more advanced than training your dog to sit or back up. Yet, you can teach it in 6 steps and your dog will be the smartest pup on your block! Stop dog from jumping on guests who come into your home.


Treat your dog to a spa day at home or at his or her favorite groomer.  You can brush your pup, give them a warm bath with some great smelling shampoo and conditioner and dry them off with a fluffy towel.  You could even splurge for some “pumpkin spice” cologne to get them into the Halloween mood.


Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the ones we love and appreciating the things we have in life, including our dogs. Why not explore a new place together – a lake, a beach, a new dog park, a new trail you have not yet hiked together.  Be sure the area is dog-friendly and you bring some water and a few snacks for along the way.


Well, we are down to the last month of the year! Was your dog naughty or nice this 2016? We know they were nice even if they might have had a few accidents throughout the year.  Santa can stuff their stockings with these 10 perfect holiday gifts for dogs.  Surprise your four-legged family member with some special things to show them how much you appreciate their love and affection all year round.

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Do you have any activities to add to this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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