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My Dog Isn't Eating, Should I Be Worried?

My Dog Isn't Eating, Should I Be Worried?

Are you enjoying playtime, cuddles and walks with your dog but are concerned your dog is not enjoying mealtimes? If you are a new dog parent, or have seen recent changes in your dog's eating habits, you may be watching him closely to ensure he's having a healthy mealtime!

Finishing a correctly portioned meal is important to your dog's good health - ensuring he is receiving proper nutrition and amino acids daily. According to WebMD, some breeds, for example Maltese and Yorkies, have a greater tendency to be picky during mealtimes. Other breeds are just happy to eat the dog food you put in front of them. We're sharing the top causes of feeding concerns - and solutions - with you to ensure a happy and healthy mealtime for months to come!

He's Not Eating As Much As I Think He Should

measure dog food

All dog foods are required to provide recommended feeding amounts. Remember that these are only recommended feeding amounts based on averages. If your dog is very active, you may need to feed slightly more food than recommended. If your dog is happier on the couch than on the leash, you may need to feed slightly less food. The important part is to make sure you measure your dog's food at every feeding, to help your dog maintain a weight, adjusting the feeding amount as needed.


We Just Moved Him To A New House

Dogs, much like some children, may need time to become accustomed to new surroundings. After a long car-ride, when entering a new house or unfamiliar surroundings, your dog may need some time to smell around and discover the setup of his accommodations, his food and water dishes. He may be overly nervous and this may show as a lack of appetite. If the stress of moving has gotten your dog off his food, he may just need some time to settle-in to his new accommodations.

Energy! Energy! Energy!

Puppies and some dog breeds are rambunctious by nature. They want to explore, play, run, and are easily distracted - even during mealtimes. If your puppy likes to run through the house or play during designated feeding times, he may just need to get additional energy out before he calms himself enough to eat.

He Just Doesn't Seem To Like It

picky dog wont eat

If the brand of dog food you're feeding now isn't getting the attention of your puppy or dog at mealtimes, try a super premium brand that uses more fresh chicken or meat that naturally appeals to his appetite. Offering a food he loves at mealtimes will help ensure your dog gets the nutrients needed each day. Bil-Jac has developed a food specifically for dogs with discerning taste called Picky No More.  Made with real chicken liver, Picky No More offers super premium nutrition while giving dogs the taste they love. It’s a great way to satisfy even the most persnickety dog. 

 If your best friend once had a healthy appetite and then suddenly lost it, you should investigate further. Any dramatic change in eating should be taken note of and discussed with your veterinarian, to ensure your dog remains happy and healthy.


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Do you have a puppy who won't eat? Is there a reason you think your best friend is reluctant? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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