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National Pet Month Tips

May is national pet month
May is National Pet Month, a great time for us all to reflect on the importance of our best friend and the responsibility of pet parenthood. We know our best friends bring so much happiness into our lives. Covering the key basics including training, nutrition, health, exercise and play is a loving and caring way to be a responsible dog parent. Here are just a few of our favorite tips for you to read and share with friends:
    • Share the joy and benefits of pet parenthood:

      No science is needed to know that dogs bring love, affection and companionship to their families. After a long, stress-filled day, there is nothing like arriving home to the wagging tail and a smile from your best friend. 

      Studies show that owning a pet can help in other ways as well. In fact, according to The Health Benefits of Pets, medicine can be less effective in controlling blood pressure than pets are. WebMD notes that a growing number of studies suggest that kids who grow up in a home with “furred animals,” such as dogs, will have a lower risk of allergies and asthma. 

      If you’ve ever thought having a dog may be a burden for some, especially the elderly, WebMD asks that you reconsider that notion. Walking a dog or caring for her provides exercise and companionship for those whose life style is more sedentary or solitary, such as an elderly person.

    • Be Prepared & Commit: Whether you’re working with a shelter, a breeder, or a rescue group, we all know that your new best friend won’t really be just a pet, she will be a part of the family. Before you take on a new family member, consider reviewing some of our favorite new pet tips to be well prepared for this new addition. 

      Be sure to learn about your breed’s personality to confirm that they will fit into your family’s lifestyle. The people who currently shelter the dog should be able to share the individual dog’s specific temperament so you can better understand if this specific dog is right for you. Does the dog like children? Is the dog housebroken? Knowing these answers will help you decide if you are ready for that particular dog. 

      Be committed to help your new dog fit into your family! If you have kids, you may need to help everyone properly handle and show affection to your new dog. You will need to establish new routines. Not sure how to solve an issue? Have a question? Consider talking with the people where you found or rescued your dog. They want to be sure she lands in a “forever home” and will more often than not have lots of ideas to share with you. Bringing a new dog into the family takes patience, persistence, training and lots of love! But the joy and reward of owning a dog is priceless!

    • Rethink responsible pet parenthood: Much like children, the happiness of most dogs depends heavily on how consistently you communicate and teach your new dog how to fit into her new home. Take some time to think about what your dog might need right now, at this stage in her life. Maybe she’s ready for some new toys or would enjoy learning a new trick. Is your dog the proper weight? Never feed a dog “people food” and if your dog could lose a few pounds, investigate a Reduced Fat Formula like the one Bil-Jac offers. Watch a few training tips and get busy working with your dogs to learn something new! Or take an obedience class to take training to the next level. Have you been skipping your usual walk or play time? Now that the weather is nicer, take a walk together and explore. You could simply spend some time throwing a ball or disk to encourage some more movement for your dog. Have you been busy and not spending as much time bonding together as you used to spend? Remember, it’s good for BOTH of you to spend time together just being friends!

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