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Picky No More® - Dog Food for the Pickiest Eaters

Picky No More® - Dog Food for the Pickiest Eaters

While some dogs may happily eat their bowl of food and be content, some dogs can be very picky eaters. Is your dog the picky kind?  Not to worry, as this issue can happen with dogs of all ages and breeds and now it can be addressed.

So when it is time to consider your dog a “picky eater?”  A picky dog is typically defined as a dog who is not consuming all of his or her food at least once a day.  If your dog has suddenly stopped eating, it is always good to be sure that there is nothing wrong with your dog or your dog’s teeth.  If your dog is in good general health and has become less than enthusiastic about food, you may have a case of picky on your hands.

Here’s a good action plan to get your picky eater eating again:

  1. Have a Plan and Be Consistent – Dogs are creatures of habit, so make sure that you’re creating a comfortable routine for your dog. Once you find a food your dogs like, be consistent with when, where, and how you feed them.
  2. Keep Dog Food and People Food Separate – Table scraps and people food are not an ideal part of a healthy, normal diet. People food can quickly add unnecessary calories to your dog’s bowl.  Stick to dog food to help ensure complete nutrition and avoid picky eating habits.
  3. Choose a Food Made for Picky Eaters – Just switching brands may not resolve a dog’s picky eating problems. Focus more on what’s in the food and be consistent. A dry food like Picky No More is made to specifically appeal to dogs who have picky taste buds.

Picky No More to the Rescue!

When you’re ready to try a dry dog food for the pickiest of pooches, Picky No More should be at the top of your list. Picky No More recipes feature chicken liver, which is often used in dog treats because they find it so irresistible. Even better, chicken liver helps provide high quality protein, fat and Vitamin A, making it a great choice to help your dog stay healthy.

Picky No More also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids, These Fatty Acids help create that lush, shiny “show-ring coat”—just one reason why Bil-Jac is the preferred choice of many professional dog breeders and handlers.

Ready for the scientific stuff? Slow-cooking at controlled temperatures helps protect essential nutrients and part of those essential nutrients are amino acids. Amino acids help support key body functions. Arginine helps support the immune system, while leucine and lysine rebuild muscles. Also in our Picky-No-More Large Breed, Bil-Jac provides naturally sourced, guaranteed levels of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These occur naturally in our chicken ingredients, rather than through an added supplement.  Bil-Jac strives to support nutrition on a holistic basis.

If you’re ready to get your dog back on track, check out the full line of Bil-Jac Picky No More Dry Dog Food for small, medium, and large dogs–and say “picky no more” to your picky eaters!

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