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Seeing Red? Knowing How to Train, Treat and Love Your High-Energy Dog

Is your dog the color red? Learning more about your dog from Joel Silverman

According to celebrity dog trainer and pet expert, Joel Silverman, one of the biggest misconceptions we have about our best friends is thinking that they should all be trained the same. Looking closely at your dog's personality opens up a whole new level of interaction and best practices for training him. When you get to really know your best friend and understand who he/she is -- including their behavior, you can better train, treat and love your four-legged family member.

Of all personalities, the ones many of you will find yourselves training in the beginning will be Red dogs. This high-strung and high-spirited dog should have a red light over his head, flashing the words "I'm out of control" - although not all Red dogs are exactly the same, they will have these qualities in common.

As with an active child, an active dog typically doesn't remaining in one place most of the time. When you train them, you'll want to use a lot of control which anchors their upbeat behavior to a calmer place.

With a Red Dog, it's also important to avoid training activities which increase their excitement or allow them to be more animated than they naturally are. Joel encourages tactile rewards such as petting and stroking which will be a direct positive reward for their high energy.

The most important tip when dealing with training a Red Dog? Have patience. Stay positive and encourage positive reinforcement and stability throughout all training.

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Of all the dog "color" personalities, the most common color is red. The Red Dog is a very high energy and spirited dog, and will most likely have a range of personalities to train. Like all colors of the dog spectrum, the Red Dog can come in all sizes and breeds. They have an upbeat personality, so it's imperative to be the exact opposite when training and spending time with them!

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