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Seven Acts of Canine Kindness

Dog owner playing with her dog and showing acts of kindness

Did you know that this month marks the 101st annual Be Kind To Animals Week celebration? This is a great reminder to always treat ours, and others’, best friends with love, compassion and understanding. They give us their affection and loyalty each and every day and it’s a great time to remind ourselves what we can do for them. This is a particularly good time to teach families who may have a new puppy or dog the respect and commitment that our best friends everywhere need.

Here are our seven tips to show kindness to best friends this month (and all year long) ...

1. Improve their nutrition

The best gift we can give to our dogs is good nutrition. Nutritional excellence is the foundation of each decision made at Bil-Jac. From using real chicken as the number one ingredient, to gently cooking the food to help protect the essential amino acids, Bil-Jac offers a range of products to meet the special needs of your best friends.

2. Be aware of your temperament and tone of voice.

It's important to remember that your canine best friends can pick up on even the slightest of your emotions. They use your facial expressions and actions as a guide how they should feel. When you are upset, this upsets your pooch. Even when we have a tough day, we need to watch that we don't cause our best friends any unneeded stress.

3. Be consistent.

Your four-legged best friends rely on you not just for food and water and walks, they rely on you for guidance and support. Dogs are naturally routine driven and expect you to be there for them, day in and day out. Having a basic schedule and using the same words regularly when communicating can help your dog to know what to expect.

4. Give up the people food.

You may think that you are giving your dog a special treat by feeding them your leftovers, but you could potentially be harming your best friend without even knowing it. Many foods that may seem completely safe actually contain toxins harmful to dogs, which can lead to health problems later in life. Stick to giving your pooch treats made specifically for them!

5. Always be there for them.

Your dog enjoys the time you spend together. It could be just relaxing or playing catch. Learn how to take care of your best friend in a variety of situations, including what to keep in your pet preparedness kit for emergencies and unforeseen situations. You can find some tips to help you here.

6. Perform a random act of canine kindness.

If you have an elderly family member, friend or neighbor, offer to walk their dog or take their dog for a grooming. Many elderly people just can’t keep up with the demands of owning a best friend, and would welcome a little extra help. You can help their pup stay fit, healthy and happy!

7. Sacrifice yourself for your best friend.

Even when you are too tired or just don’t have the energy to focus on your pooch, remember that they can’t take themselves for a walk, throw themselves a Frisbee, or rub their own belly. You will often find that spending special time with your best friend will do wonders for your own mood and happiness as well as theirs.


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